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Billboard Advertising In The Digital AgeThe History Of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising has been popular for a very long time (well over a century) promoting products from Pears Soap, Gordons Gin, Bisto Gravy, Guinness, Cigarettes and almost anything.  

The problem has always been finding the right marketing agency to handle your billboard advertising campaign.  There are so many to choose from.  

In fact billboards at one point was the main form of promotion (as it was so visual) and the best way for businesses to get their products seen by consumers. 50 years ago marketing was as aggressive then as it is now.  

With adverts being placed onto any and everything possible from busses, houses, trams, station platforms, the underground.

Billboard advertising has always been popular in the London tube system.  

It still is to this day with an estimated 2 million people per day as a captive audience. Just fill in the form above to get quotes from 5 local advertising agencies that focus on billboard advertising.

Digital Makes Its Mark

We have seen over the past few years, more and more billboards disappear and more digital screens take over. 

Consider the spaces at airports, tube stations, high streets, central London – many of which are now digital. As technology has taken over, companies have moved on also.  

Moved on to new and more inovative ways to market their products, services and brands to an ever more consumer hungry nation.

The Death Of Billboards

So, as the digital era continues to settle in, does this spell the end of the old fashioned billboard?

Outdoor advertising has indeed changed over the decades, however there is still lots of opportunity for non digital. 

Advertising agencies of all kinds can help with setting up varying advertising campaigns based around either traditional or digital billboards.

The Need To Compare Quotes

Prices for promotion can vary; so it is wise to shop around.  Depending on the type of advertising, the location, the duration the advertising costs can range from affordable to very expensive (that only the large multi nationals can take part in).

There are hundreds of expert agencies around the UK, so it is always good to compare advertising prices – to ensure that you find the right agency for the right price.

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