Does SEO work?

Does SEO work?Does SEO Really Work?

Does SEO work, this is a question that gets asked by so many companies.

The answer is….Yes; however you need to remember that every other business, blogger, freelancer is doing exactly the same.

SEO is an arms race, google regularly changes the position of websites it indexes as one week the company above you drops down a notch, then next week you gazump them.

Optimisation does take time, effort, work and money – however if you want to be at the top of the pile, it is a race that you need to get involved in.

Many businesses have decided that it is just something that will take up too much time and effort, consistently updating their websites, writing articles, submitting links, keeping their blog going – all very time consuming.

Many have opted for other forms of marketing instead (pay per click advertising, networking, telemarketing) that may get results quicker.

However, if you want to be efficient, then you will do all of the above.

Doing optimisation as well as targeted PPC, targeted telemarketing, networking etc. will (should) get you the best results.  Yes, it will take time, effort and money – however no one said being at the top was easy.

Everyone is gunning for your position and wanted to knock you off – so optimisation is a continual ongoing process that needs to be part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

Search companies are used to working on time consuming campaigns.  Doing little and often tends to be the general advice from most experts (as opposed to doing SEO in bursts that could raise red flags to google).

Consider if you are looking for something on the web, what would you do…

Personally (in my humble opinion) I would look at the top few results on the main search screen.

I would normally skip the top company (unless the title was very relevant) and normally miss the adverts at the side (as they are trying to advertise to me).

So if you can get to position 2-5 then this would be (probably) the best place to sit.

We have put together some SEO advice, which may be helpful.

SEO prices do vary from different SEO companies, compare quotes with Marketing Quotes.

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