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Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?A Marketing Strategy Is The First Thing You Need

Do you have a marketing strategy in place?  Any army that has gone into a campaign has to have a battle plan.

Before setting up a marketing campaign, you need this.

The D-day landings were being planned months before they tool place on 6th June 1944.

For anyone considering doing any marketing (whether a new company or existing) you need to have a marketing strategy.  An objective and a battle plan of how you are going to approach the marketing campaign and achieve success.

Should you charge in like General Custer, chances are you will encounter problems and as such waste money.

Getting A Marketing Strategy

In order to get a strategy in place, there are a few things that need to be done.

  • Sit down and plan

Have a think about what it is that you are looking to do.  How you are going to go about it and how long you think it will take

  • Marketing channels

There are different sorts available, each as effective as the other.  But all need to be used in the right way.  Most of the reasons that marketing campaigns do not work is because they are the wrong sorts of marketing for the job.  

A little like using a rifle to storm a castle instead of using a cannon.

  • Marketing Advice

Have you spoken to a marketing consultancy business?  They are experts in strategy and can advise on how to approach a marketing campaign using the right form of marketing.  

There is no harm in asking and usually advise if given for free.

  • Do you have a budget

Marketing is not cheap, especially if it is not thought out it can be very expensive.  So you need to make every penny count.  

By having a marketing budget in place, you can allocate resources in the best way (or the marketing consultancy can help you allocate them appropriately).

Look For Industry Experience

One of the other reasons that marketing does not work well, is that the company doing it does not properly understand your sector, the trends or how prospects will respond. As they say, knowledge is power and experience is the key to avoiding rookie mistakes.

Imagine if you have done a direct mailing campaign to 10,000 companies.  However the letter was not worded in the correct way, it would get binned and that is that.  This comes into the marketing strategy.

Look Around

There are lots of marketing companies in the UK (tens of thousands actually) so looking at different agencies and comparing ideas and quotes is a very wise move.  Marketing prices will vary from agency to agency.

Finding an agency that has experience, is local and is cost effective is the recipe for it being a successful campaign.  A good agency will put together a good marketing strategy, that will produce results!

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