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Fitness BrochuresDo You Need A Fitness Brochure Designed?

If your gym or fitness company needs help with graphic design, why not talk with brochure designers that are experienced in doing fitness brochures.

As there are hundreds of design agencies around the UK, choosing one that has worked in fitness is only logical.

We do advise using a local graphic designer, rather than one hundreds of miles away.

Do Fitness Companies Need Brochures?

All fitness companies will use graphic design in one form or another, for a wide range of applications:

  • Brochures & Literature
  • Signage (gym posters, advertising boards, external signs etc.)
  • Health Leaflets/Training Leaflets
  • Business Cards (gym managers, personal trainers)
  • Packaging Of Fitness Drinks/Foods

For any health and wellbeing company, there are a wide range of creative requirements covering many fitness needs.

Whether you are an on-line company that offers tips and tricks to gym’s and fitness studio’s or Les Mills.  Lifetime fitness uses fitness brochures for teaching ETM and the choreography for teaching fitness classes.

What Is Required On A Fitness Brochure?

Fitness brochures are to convey a specific message, inspire and motivate.  They need to appeal to both genders, all ages and people from all ethnic backgrounds.

  • Inspiration – Everyone going to a gym of fitness class needs motivation at times.  Fitness brochures need to inspire not just through the pictures of someone doing a low squat with a heavy weight on the barbell but also through the text.  Pictures speak a thousand words, but fitness brochures need to motivate in what they say.
  • Gyms & Fitness Classes – Are you looking to attract people to your gym or fitness class, as generally there are two sorts of people going to each.  Having muscles showing for gym promotion will encourage people looking to build their own muscle tones.  Spinning classes or Zumba show people in the moment having fun while working out.
  • Motivation – We all need to be motivated at times, but fitness brochures as soon as they are picked up should motivate the reader to get involved.

Creativity is needed with fitness brochures, not just with the pictures, layout and content.

Choosing A Brochure Designer

Any fitness company has a choice to make, which creative company to choose for your fitness brochures?

There are thousands of brochure design companies around the UK, how do you select the right one?

  • Someone local
  • Someone cheap
  • Someone who is referred
  • Someone who is expensive

Choosing a local graphic design agency is always good – but there is no guarantee they will be the best designer for the job.

Choosing someone cheap is always an attractive option, but you do get what you pay for (most of the time) and low cost things can look cheap.

Choosing a referral is also an attractive option, but just because the designer did a good job for your friend does not guarantee they will do a good job for you.

Choosing an expensive agency on the grounds that paying more may not produce results.  All designers set their own profit margins, choosing someone who is expensive will just add to their holiday fund.

Industry Experience

From the many hundreds of brochure designers it is wise to select one that knows about this industry.

That they have done design work for gyms/personal trainers/weight lifting equipment companies.  They will be able to use their experience from their work in the past to build a better product/solution in your fitness brochures.

Looking through their portfolio, the clients on their website should give an idea as to the level of experience that they have in the sector.  Have they worked with cycling clubs, rowing clubs, local gyms?  Have they got examples of fitness brochures on their website?

If possible, a face to face meeting is advised in order to chat through ideas and objectives for the campaign.  Much communication can be kept to e-mail or phone, but certainly in the early days, a face to face meeting will help.

Quality graphic design does not have to be expensive.

Compare Costs Of Brochure Design For Fitness Companies

All brochure design agencies their own rates, as there are no standard brochure design prices.

Most freelancers do tend to be cheaper than larger agencies, on the grounds that they do not have the overheads that larger companies do (more staff, expensive offices, higher profit margins etc).

Shopping around for quotes is part of our world, whether you are comparing prices in the supermarket or comparing insurance quotes.

Selecting someone based on their experience and design skills is important, but then comparing a few different graphic design prices in order to avoid overpaying someone and adding to their holiday fund.

We want to help you get quotes from local brochure design companies that know the fitness industry.

For free creative marketing comparison from brochure design companies that have experience in marketing for gyms, just fill in the form above.

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