Marketing for Fitness Companies

Marketing for fitness companies is essential as the industry continues to grow and expand.  The issue however is finding the ‘right’ agency, as there are thousands around the UK.  We always advise talking to agencies that know about marketing for fitness companies.

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UK Fitness Industry

Some businesses that fall into the fitness industry would be:

  • Gyms & Fitness Clubs (Serco fitness, David Lloyd etc.)
  • Personal Trainers & Freelance Instructors
  • Fitness Equipment Manufacturers & Retailers
  • Sports Drinks & Nutrition Bars (Wey Protein, Myoplex etc.)
  • Fitness Courses (Les Mills etc.)

There is a wide range of businesses that fall into this sector and all require marketing of some description.  Whether it is for getting a website set up, a PR campaign or some flyers to show fitness classes.

Options For You

All fitness companies are different, some are private clubs, some are government run for the good of the community (public swimming pools), but all need three things:

  • A Dynamic Website

A good website is an essential piece of kit for any fitness company.  In order to provide information, resource, location details, courses, prices.

There are tens of thousands of website designers around the UK.  It is advised when considering getting a website set up to select a designer that has designed websites in the fitness industry before.  They will have a better idea of what designs work and what do not.  A good website is really the core of marketing for fitness brands.

  • Public Relations

Public relations is a very targeted and cost effective form of marketing that every business should at least consider.  There are agencies that offer PR for gyms, some that work just in this industry specifically.  It is strongly advised for you to use a PR agency that has a background in the fitness sector.  That way they will know the industry, know how to place you in the fitness media and provide effective media representation.

  • Graphic Design – Brochures & Promotional Literature

All fitness companies will use promotional literature of some description.  Whether an online fitness company or a people facing sports business.  This could be for things such as brochure design to advertise workout classes, signs, packaging, leaflets, flyers.  From the thousands of designers around the UK, brochure design for gyms is different.  Using an experienced designer will only add benefits.

Essential Marketing Tools

These are the essential areas of marketing for fitness for you to consider (above) in order to run effectively.  However there are other areas of marketing that need to be considered.  In order to effectively have good exposure and draw in new customers, visitors and paying clients:

  • Paid Advertising (PPC advertising) For Your Website

PPC advertising is a very powerful tool, as it gets you onto page 1 for any search term any time that is desired.  It is a quick and cost effective way to ‘advertise’ your services/product to clients searching for exactly what you offer.  PPC for gyms can be carried out by most PPC companies.  However it is always best to use an agency that knows the fitness sector, that has current clients in the industry.

  • SEO (Search Optimisation) For Your Website

SEO is an essential marketing service for anyone these days.  As so many people use the internet at home, on smart phones or at work.  By using an SEO company with fitness experience, you should see quicker returns on money invested and better results than using someone without prior experience.

  • Events & Exhibitions

There are a few events and exhibitions around the UK.  They help promote a healthy lifestyle, a work life balance, increased flexibility, CV and muscle resistance work.  Either attending a fitness exhibition or using shopping centers to promote sports products are a great option for you to be seen in the local community.

Compare Quotes

There are tens of thousands of creative marketing companies around the UK.  We do advise you to get quotes from marketing agencies that have experience in the fitness sector.  All agencies set their own fees, so prices will range considerably.  Marketing for fitness companies does not have to be expensive, fill in the form to see.

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