Guarantees With Marketing

Guarantees With MarketingAre There Guarantees With Marketing?

Most people are looking for guarantees with marketing.  This is not unreasonable, as marketing should not be a blind gamble.

Some agencies offer guaranteed results, but why is it that some marketing companies guarantee results when others do not.

Do they know something we do not?

Some SEO companies will guarantee getting you onto page 1 within 3 months, but how is it that they can guarantee this when a previous agency has failed after a year of trying?

We do advise you talking to a few local marketing experts that can help you to get success with your marketing without it being a blind gamble.

Instand Results Please

We are living in a world of instant anything.  From instant money, instant holiday’s and instant entertainment we no longer have to wait for things.

By going to a hole in a wall you can draw out money instantly without queuing in the bank.  Switching on a kettle you can instantly boil water. Entertainment can be found on a TV by clicking a button, no longer 4 channels but hundreds.  Also, Netflix!

The mindset of the world in recent years is about getting things instantly.

Even with the introduction of the internet, something that may have taken 10 minutes to research can be found within a few seconds on a search engine.  Most people expect the same, guarantees with marketing to generate instant results.

The danger is that this mindset spills over to sales and marketing meaning we do expect instant results and we do expect guarantees with marketing.

Will Marketing Produce Results

For any business large or small, the problem they face is that there are no guarantees with marketing.

No agency can guarantee results, as the results should come as a result of the marketing (depending on how the target audience reacts to the marketing of course).

Marketing does work.  However how and when it will work is something that only time can play out.  Everyone hopes that the results will be fruitful however there is no way to really predict this.  Guarantees with marketing is not really feasible, for a few reasons.

So why can marketing companies not guarantee results?

  1. Marketing can be fickle.  Whether this is SEO, PPC, telemarketing, marketing can be fickle.  Google is constantly updating its algorithm, so just because you are on page 1 today does not mean you are going to stay there.  Telemarketing equally can be fickle.  You can contact a prospect at exactly the right time and get a sale, but then not get any success for weeks.  Marketing on social media can also be hit and miss, as Facebook also uses an algorithm to deliver adverts and posts.
  2. Competitors can be fickle.  Y0ur competitors are also most likely doing the same as you, perhaps more.  They may have more funding so can invest more into their marketing.  Your competitors may be established longer and therefore have more trust flow.
  3. Lead quality may be fickle.  If you are using a reactive form of marketing (such as PPC or SEO) you have no control on the quality.  You may get leads coming through, but they could be low quality, they could all be from startups with no money, of foreigners that do not really understand English.  If you are using a proactive form of marketing such as telemarketing, you may be targeting the wrong sort of prospects or getting leads with a low order value.

If a marketing agency suggests guaranteed results within 3 months or your money back, run for the hills.

Will Results Be Instant

Rarely with any marketing channel are results instant.  Most marketing does take time.  In the same way as planting crops, you need to sow the seeds, water and tender the crop, allow the seasons to do their part and then harvest.

With most forms of marketing (SEO, PR etc.) it is a waiting game coupled in with hard continual work.  However some forms of promotion you can see quick results (telemarketing, PPC advertising).  However guarantees with marketing is different.

Increasing Chances Of Getting Results

Marketing does work, all forms of marketing do.  What is important is to use the right ‘form’ of promotion for your business.  This will dictate what the results will be.

By choosing the right marketing agency will also effect the chances of you getting quicker results.

By looking at an agencies track record you can get a feel for the sort of campaigns they have done in the past.  How they have been and what results they have produced.

By choosing the right agency to do the right ‘type’ of promotion (telemarketing, SEO, PR etc.) you can increase your chances of getting results.

Getting guarantees with marketing is not easy, but some agencies are starting to offer KPI’s.  That is why creative marketing comparison is so important.

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