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Marketing Quotes is a free service to UK businesses to help you get quotes on any area of marketing. The internet is a big place, and finding the ‘right’ marketing company for your business can be hard. With over 20,000 marketing companies in the UK, you have a lot of choice.

With Marketing Quotes, you can be assured we will help you find the right agency. Whether you are looking for a website designer to create you a new website or a PR agency to help your with brand awareness. Whatever area of marketing you need help with, we can help you find the right agency. Since 2002 we have been helping companies compare Marketing Quotes. Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes from whatever area of marketing you need help with.

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With 11 years’ experience as a lead generation company in many B2B categories, we have built our trust and reputation by connecting businesses with the right agencies. Many brands use
Marketing Quotes when they are in need of a particular service so if you’re a trusted agency, send us an email to discuss a listing on Marketing Quotes.

As our users are already looking for your service, you’ll be able to directly reach new businesses and get exposure to the type of clients you’d love to work with. It’s really simple and all our leads are delivered to you in real time so that you’re not missing out on potential clients.


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If it’s blog post ideas you’re after congratulations, your long search is finally over. Take a breath and relax because you’re about to go on a journey through a web content
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Cold email outreach is an exceptionally underutilised strategy to produce leads. A great many people shy away from it, since they think its spam or a hoax. However, it is
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You’re a business owner who has invested in social media and is hungry to see the results. You want to strengthen brand personality, maintain brand loyalty, direct users to your
Your brand logo will follow you to your website, your press releases, corporate meetings, promotional material, outside your office and even on your social media. While that may sound daunting
Insights to improve a small business site
We recently decided to overhaul the design of the Marketing Quotes website and thought it’d be an opportunity to go through the process of our site redesign and offer insight
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Marketing Quotes are giving away a free, impartial, no obligation audit of your online marketing activity from top digital agency atom42 based in London! The agency will analyse your digital
After reading a lot of generic advice on 101 other websites, we felt that recent graduates and aspiring copywriters needed more. That’s how we at Marketing Quotes got the chance
sobel Sita-Lumsen
The next part in our series on inspirational women in marketing comes from the Marketing Director at AOL,Isobel Sita-Lumsen. Find out who her female role models are in the industry and
Rand Fishkin
Seeking out advice from the experts is a great way to learn, and we’ve been lucky enough to interview Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of marketing analytics company Moz
Stacy Westhead
We’ve hand-picked five inspirational women in marketing and asked them to share their tips and secrets of success with us, whilst also revealing any challenges they still
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What Is A Blog? A blog is a kind of personal diary; an online area whereby an individual can express opinions on th ...
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The UK recession is gradually getting worse as reported by the BBC and backed up the OFNS (office for national statistics).So what are we to do, what is your business going to do to survive?
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Simple, the marketing company will have a knowledge and understanding of your industry and market place. Not just that, but they will know about your competitors, how they
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There has been an increase in enquiries for telemarketing into Solar PV recently as the solar energy industry has grown and competition has become more fierce. Solar PV stands for
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Despite being in a recession, the construction industry was reported to have grown during the early stages of 2011. Whether this will continue through 2011 or not is anyone’s guess
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The cost of the airtime The cost of the advert (paid to an advertising agency)Charities have to pay for things in the same way as other businesses, although sometimes get special dispensation
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This is a question that gets asked by so many companies – ‘Does SEO work?’ The answer is….Yes; however you need to remember that every other business, blogger, freelancer is
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Telemarketing is as old as the introduction of the first phones. Started up in the USA around 1950 based around advertising in magazines and publications it has quickly spread to
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With the development of the internet and the impact of the world economy, are exhibitions going into decline? We have seen two big players in the exhibition industry
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Telemarketing has long been known to be an effective marketing tool. If you engage a telemarketing company, you can have a very targeted marketing campaign focusing on clients in a
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