How To Draw In More People

How To Draw In More PeopleHow to draw in more people at events and exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are expensive to attend, so you want to ensure that you are making the most of them. You want to ensure that all your potential customers know you are there, and you want to talk to them. Below are some easy to apply snippets of advice to making your event successful.

1/ Run A Competition

Competitions are a great way to engage with the audience at events, they are easy to set up and fun if you win. Options for prices are limitless, but some options could be:

• A Hot Air Ballon Ride
• A Meal For 2 Voucher
• A Spa Day
• A Holiday Abroad

The prices are really dictated by your budget and clientele. If you are a large business with deep pockets, then the sky does not have to be the limit.

How do draw in more people at events and exhibition is very much down to the staff you have on your stand on the day. If your staff are extroverts and are engaging, then they should be successful in drawing in customers to your stand.

2/ Pre-Marketing

The worst thing that can happen at an event is for you to turn up and for none of your target audience to be there. This wastes not just time but a lot of money.

Pre-marketing before an event is essential if you are going to get the maximum from the show. This could involve sending a mailer in the post, an e-mail or even calling people as part of a telemarketing campaign.

Have you considered your promotional products? How to draw in more people to your stand would be to have really good free stuff.

3/ Promotional Products

Your promotional gifts do not need to be really expensive, consider the Sports Direct umbrellas we see around our towns! Something practical is always good as a gift, this was the thinking behind Sports Direct.

As long as there is your logo, a phone number or website address, then the options are never-ending.

If your event is themed (at a certain time of year or for a certain event like chocolate or motorsport) then having promotional products that are linked to that is a good idea.

4/ Staff

Less is more, as they say. The danger at many events is that there are too many staff on the stand. This looks you look intimidating.

Make sure staff look approachable. Having attractive staff is always helpful, but switched on. Your staff need to know your product and know the industry. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who has no idea of the day of the week.

5/ Lighting

The lighting on your stand will set the mood. Soft lighting, bold, uplighting, the colours, strobe, it all plays a part in the look and feel of your stand.

Be careful with cabling, it can be untidy if not properly managed and even dangerous.

Talking to the event organisers before the event might be a wise idea to see what the lighting in the event will be like. Will your lighting have an effect or will it make you stand out.

6/ Graphics & Artwork

This may seem like a no-brainer, but thinking about additional graphics to work with your exhibition stand is wise.

How bold are your exhibition stand graphics. Do they work for short range or long range? Are they hidden by a table on the stand? Are they eye-catching?

Talking to an exhibition stand design company at the design stage is wise in order to ensure that your graphics are doing their job for you.

7/ Food & Drink

This is important, not to feed and water your troops, but to ensure that your potential customers are going to hang around. Chatting with a dink in their hand is more enjoyable than with hands in pockets.

Beware of students that are using the event as a day off, or time wasters that are after freebies.

Champagne, wine and beer is always a winner. Finger food, dainty sandwiches or a hog roast all work. Again, chatting to the event organisers early on is wise to see what you can get away with.

8/ Attention Grabbers

Do you have a water feature on your stand? A fish tank? Some music? These are all things that are unusual and get people to notice you.

Creativity is endless on exhibition stands, and the more creative you can be the better. We have all been to events where each stand is much like the next. Tables full of cable easterners, screws and business cards are boring.

Stand out in the crowd, do something other people are not doing. How to draw in more people needs to be the question in the early planning stages of your event.

Did You Need Advice On How To Draw More People In?

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