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It has long been said that a picture can speak a thousand words, and this is indeed the case with exhibition stand graphics. 

A stand with no graphics is like a tree without leaves, a stand with poor graphics is like a tree that needs to be chopped down.

The Need To Stand Out

As visitors are wandering around the event, they are bombarded by sight, sound and salespeople.  To make your exhibition stand jump out at them, you need something a little special.

Many exhibition stands blend into each other, the only ones that stand out are the large ones.  However most companies cannot afford to have massive exhibition stands and some events do not warrent having a large stand.

With some exhibitions, due to the volume of exhibitors, it is very easy to become overlooked.  Unless your stand has good exhibition stand graphics.

It is well worth putting some time into condsidering the design and graphics for the stand, either by talking to a graphic designer or the exhibition stand designer.

Ideas For Eye Catching Graphics

There are a few things to be considered with exhibition stand graphics:

  • Colours – Bold colours will make you stand out, but the wrong colours can drive people away
  • Text – Make sure any text used on graphics is BIG, nothing worse that small text that cannot be read at a distance
  • Branding – Keep the colours in line with your companies brand
  • Placement – For your main graphics, do not block them with salespeople or equipment

There are many graphic designers around that have experience of doing exhibition graphics, so it well worth a call to chat through ideas.  

Exhibition stand graphics need to suit your event.  Whether you are exhibiting at a large event like Interbuild at the NEC, or a small church fete.

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