Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is PowerDo You Have Insider Knowledge?

It has been said a few times ‘knowledge is power’ but is this the case with marketing?

Ask yourself a question:

If you are a medical company – would you be better off working with a marketing company that has experience in the medical sector, or one that has knowledge of the hospitality sector?

Of course – working with an experienced marketing company is always better.


Simple, the marketing company will have a knowledge and understanding of your industry and market place.

Not just that, but they will know about your competitors, how they are marketing and how they are positioning themselves in the industry.

They will have a good grasp on the way the industry is going (is it in recession, is it growing, where is it moving, who is spending money etc.) and be able to structure your marketing around these factors.

If you work with an inexperienced agency – then you are risking their naivety and blind approach will be lucky.

Many would say that fresh eyes do add flavour, which is true, however it is risky if you are investing so much money and effort in a gamble.

Many companies have jumped in with a zany approach – which is quite different to inexperience. Zany marketing campaigns do work, but this is normally founded on research, planning and good creative marketing.

Consider telemarketing for a minute.  Data is your knowledge, and knowledge is power.  Imagine if you had all your marketing data to hand.  How effective would your telemarketing campaign be?

Search engines are an amazing source of information, however if they are not used in the right way, a lot of time can be wasted.

How Do You Use Your Power?

Knowledge is power – but how do you use it? Power in the wrong hands can easily be wasted. Knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

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