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There are over 500 marketing agencies in Norfolk varying in their size and industry experience.  There are many freelancers, smaller agencies and Google Partner agencies with years of experience.

The problem you face is finding the ‘right’ marketing company for your business.  Do you choose a freelancer, who may be cheaper?  Do you choose an award winning agency?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you quotes from a few local marketing companies in Norfolk that know your industry sector.

Just fill in the form and let us help you.

Local Beats Global

We feel that there is a loyalty that comes with working local.

Would you feel comfortable using a marketing company based in Dorset, or even someone overseas who you will never meet?

There is a reassurance that comes to choosing someone local, that you can pop over to see them should there be a problem,

Meetings Are Helpful

There are a wide range of marketing companies in Norfolk, web designers, telemarketing companies, advertising agencies etc.

Whatever area of marketing you need support with, we feel that meetings play an important roll.  Since not all communication is verbal, a meeting gives you the chance to clearly communicate your needs to them.  Also they can clearly communicate to you what they will do and how they will do it.

Many marketing companies in the UK make claims on their websites:

  • We are the UK’s number 1 SEO agency
  • We are the UK’s top marketing agency
  • Multi award winning agency, highly recommended

A meeting gives you the chance to fact check these claims, to see if they are true, or if they are just marketing.

Review Meetings are also helpful, to ensure the agency is performing and you are seeing an ROI.

What Marketing Is Needed?

Marketing comes in a variety of channels, as you can see from our menu.

Not all marketing companies in Norfolk cover all kinds of marketing.  There are website designers, digital marketers, telemarketers, all classed as marketing companies.

If your company needs ‘general marketing’ it is wise to establish exactly what kind of marketing is needed by way of the channels.

Social media is also a very good form of marketing for almost any business to use.

Tik Tok is very popular with influencers amassing millions of followers from doing burger reviews or silly dances.

There is a pool cleaning guy that shows the progress of pools he cleans.  There is a thatching guy that shows the progress of him thatching cottages.

Talking to marketing companies in Norfolk about how you can use Tik Tok is a good option.  Maybe you can film dances yourself, or hire an influencer to promote your product or service?

It is all about being creative, many influencers sprang up during the various lockdowns as they were bored with nothing to do.  Most did not plan to be a social media influencer, it just worked out that way.

New forms of marketing are coming out all the time.  At the moment it is all about social media, tomorrow it could be something else.

Things To Consider

When considering marketing companies in Norfolk, you want to find an honest an upfront agency that will be transparent to you.

All marketing agencies have customer testimonials on their websites, saying how well they have found their services.  Even brand new agencies seem to have them.

Caution is advised, even with review websites like Trust Pilot, as some companies ‘buy’ reviews.

We want to help you find the best agency, choosing the wrong one will waste time and money.

Compare Multiple Marketing Quotes

Since all marketing companies set their own monthly rates, shopping around and comparing quotes is important.

We are not saying that choosing the cheapest agency is what we advise, as marketing cannot be compared like car insurance.

Smaller marketing companies and freelancers do tend to be cheaper than larger agencies, as they have lower staff costs, lower overhead and lower profit margins.  However larger agencies tend to have more experience and more resources should you require it.

Sadly, with marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best.

As above, there are several things that need to be considered when selecting an agency.

Industry experience; do they know your market sector, your competitors, you products/services?

Chemistry also plays a roll, how do you get on with the agency, do you trust them, do they seem to know their craft.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for your company, one that you will not swap for another agency after 3-6 months for poor performance.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few local marketing companies in Norfolk that know your industry sector.

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