Marketing Companies in the UK

Around the UK, there are thousands of marketing companies of varying sizes.

There are actually over 25,000 marketing companies covering the following disciplines::

Website Design Graphic Design Branding Telemarketing Corporate Events Sales Training Exhibition Stand Design Promotional Gifts Market Research Direct Mail Data (business and consumer data) providers SEO (search engine optimisation Public Relations Copywriting

Many businesses these days do not like spending copious amounts of time getting quotes. Considering in the old days with car insurance, ringing around to get quotes – getting marketing quotes is a similar thing. Still time consuming, however you cannot really choose a marketing agency based on just price. There are other factors to consider:

Experience of work (design/telemarketing etc.) Experience of your industry (do they know your market) Resource available (if they are small they may have to outsource work) Location (if the agency if far away, can they really support you) Cost (at the end of the day, we all worry about cost)

By comparing marketing prices – you can get quotes from relevant marketing companies thus saving valuable time and hassle in chasing people for feedback, quotes and advice.

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