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Marketing For PhotographersWhy Marketing For Photographers Is Important

In the post COVID world, marketing for photographers is growing more and more important.  The reason is to stand out in such a busy sector.

The sector ranges from the professional to ammeters working from home, and this sector is growing every year.

There is a wide range of photography, all of which require different skills and different equipment:

  • Commercial photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Children’s photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Landscape photography

The demand for good quality pictures across all the above sectors is growing as technology continues to develop.  Higher quality lenses are always being released, even mobile phone cameras are light years ahead of where they were 5 years ago.

The Demand For Pictures On Social Media

Since Instagram and later Tik Tok have arrived on the scene, the demand for great pictures has boomed.  The younger generation spend a huge amount of time on social media websites browsing pictures, uploading their own ‘selfies’ and even using photographers to help create that perfect picture.

The Need To Stand Out

Since the demand for digital pictures has increased so much in recent years, the competition has also increased.  The size of the market is not known, as it ranges from ‘professional photographers’ that have offices on the high street, to amateur photographers that take wedding pictures as a hobby or sideline.

Marketing for photographers is therefore essential in order to showcase the portfolio and also encourage new business.  A photographers website is their shop window, specifically to show the quality of pictures, also the style and sectors they work in.

Industry Experience Of Agencies

All marketing agencies in the UK work within different ‘market niches’.  This could be IT, engineering, accounting, music etc.  Finding an agency that knows the photography sector is wise.  Have they worked with photographers in the past, do they have a track record of success?

If you would like to compare quotes from agencies that have experience in doing marketing for photography companies in the past, just fill in the form opposite.

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