Marketing Your Brand On Linkedin

Marketing Your Brand On LinkedinMarketing Your Brand On Linkedin

Using Linkedin to market your brand or products is possibly one of the most powerful forms of marketing in recent years.

Linkedin is a relatively new social media platform that allows professionals to connect to each other.  This means that a relatively new business owner can connect to owners of global brands, for free.  Or a small company can connect with local businesses in the same town or city for free.

Linkedin is possibly one of the best social media platforms for any UK business.

However connecting with business owners is not the only goal, it is about establishing a connection and developing a relationship – which can be a prickly journey.

Connect With The Right People

Prior to Linkedin, connecting with managing directors, marketing managers, engineering managers needed telemarketing or e-mail marketing.  It was about getting past the receptionist and sometimes took hours or work just to get a name.

However now, almost every professional or business owner has their name and a point of contact available.

Linkedin is unique as far as social media websites go.

Instagram is all about posting pictures, and is mainly used by young people.

Tik Tok is new, and is all about videos, again, mainly used by young people.

Linkedin however is more established and is all about creating a professional network.  This can be useful if you are job hunting, or recruiting.  However Linkedin can be used to market your brand/products or services to the right audience.

How To Build Your Community

Firstly you need to think about industry and location.

Where is your target audience based?  Here in the UK?  A specific town or city? A region of the UK like in Kent, or in the Midlands?

Next consider what people you need to connect with.  Do you need buyers?  Engineering managers?  Managing directors?  These are all available to you with a limited amount of research.

Make The Connection Personal

Connecting is all about establishing that relationship.

We live in a smaller yet disconnected world and  maintaining and building your brand during COVID can be hard.

A simple yet personal introduction note with your ‘friend request’ (a nod to Facebook there) is always good, so they know why you are reaching out.

The hard sell is definitely not the way to go, no-one likes to be sold to.  We get enough spam e-mails through as it is without getting people blatantly selling to us on social media.

Keep Your Marketing Relevant

One of the frustrating things on Linkedin is when someone requests to connect, and you accept, then they charge in with a preplanned message selling their products or services.

Yes, I know, I have had them also.

Your page should reflect your brand on Linkedin, and how you market this should say about what you represent and stand for.

Rather than messaging people once a month, why not ensure that your brand is prominent and hopefully they will come to you?

Remember, digital marketing trends are constantly changing, so it is wise to keep up to date or ahead of the latest trends.

Engagement Is A Prickly Journey

If you have just connected with 50 key brands, you need to engage with them.

This does not mean you message them, you can, but you are just another brand trying to sell.

Why not have a look at their posts.  Read their articles, comment where you can with insightful thoughts.  Comment where you see inspiration.

If you engage with brands, they are going to notice you, and this can open doors to long term business relationships.

A startup brand can (with the right approach) get all the right connections from Linkedin with the right approach and the right marketing message.

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