Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

So What Are The Digital Marketing Trends In 2020?

With 2020 approaching so quickly, we should have already planned our marketing strategy for 2020 already right? But why? Why should you be so on-point when it comes to online marketing? The reason is, because all your competitors are, even Google. Yes, that is right, Google is now one of your competitors. Find out why as you read on…

Zero Click Searches

Digital marketing trends for 2020 will increasingly see searches resulting in zero clicks to websites, as has been a trend for 2019. Why? Well, dear reader, the answer is painfully simple. The search giant is increasingly using Google Feature Snippet’s, which aim to answer questions in a result with increasing accuracy. The reason is because more people are now doing searches for questions, and the search engines are getting more accurate in answering them. Google has now become a key competitor for us all.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2020Social Media Stories

A new feature in social media is Your Story, which allows a different dynamic of interaction with your audience. Indeed we do now have to be teenagers to keep up with the changes in social media, however these are having a knock on effect to the B2B marketing world. This feature has grown significantly in Youtube, Instagram and Facebook over 2019.

Shopping And Interactive Content

We have seen Google change over the years, but the shopping feature has particularly changed, making it easier to find products visually without the need for reading. Using interactive content on your website is one of the up and coming digital marketing trends for 2020 as we see websites increasing seeking to interact with their audience. Live chat has grown over the last 10 years as websites seek to capture each an every website visitor.

Digital Marketing Trends In 2020 Involve Video

One of the growing digital marketing tends for 2020 will see an increase in videos. Videos over 2018-19 have been a growing trend as streaming has become easier, quality has improved and younger audiences come in. For SEO trends, video is not only being used by Youtube, but directly by the search engines in results to users.

Smart Digital Marketing

Many companies are using PPC advertising across network websites (such as news websites) and social media partners. When you visit a random website, their adverts follow you onto completely different platforms. This will continue to be one of the growing digital marketing trends for 2020 as visitors are considered customers.

It may seem like a scattergun approach to marketing, however it is a new form of digital direct mail. Doing a kind of direct marketing leaflet drop to visitors. If they had an interest, that interest is followed. Bad? Well, if you follow 100% of your website visitors, then you are going to have a huge amount of waste – if they click on your adverts.

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