SEO For Estate Agents

If your estate agent needs SEO, why not talk to SEO companies that offer SEO for estate agents? Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from SEO agencies that know about SEO for estate agent websites.

The Need For SEO

There are hundreds and hundreds of estate agents in the UK, large ones, small ones and medium sized ones all competing for positions on page 1 of search engines. SEO is all about getting onto page 1 of search engines. For estate agents, choosing an SEO expert to help build backlinks, develop the content of the website and increase the visibility of the website is important. The problem that many estate agents face, is that all other estate agents in the UK are pushing to get onto page 1 also.  There are so many estate agents around the UK that competition is rife for getting onto pole position.  For this reason, SEO for estate agents will be a long slog. The industry is also dominated by the large price comparison websites like Rightmove, or newcomers with big market budgets like Purple Bricks.

Does SEO Mean Free Business For The Estate Agent?

Many estate agents think that SEO is all about getting free business and indeed if you are position 1 for all your search terms you will naturally get free enquiries. However it will cost you a lot in time and money to get to position 1 for all relevant keywords. Most estate agents will be using SEO companies in order to get their websites more visible on the internet and therefore SEO will cost (as opposed to being free).

Estate Agents Choosing SEO Companies

There are thousands of SEO companies around the UK, some large and charging large sums a month for their services, some small or freelancers that charge very modest fees. SEO costs do vary from expert to expert depending on their level of skill; the more experience an SEO expert has, the more they will charge for their time. SEO for estate agent websites may be high due to the competition in the property world. For estate agents, choosing an expert that has worked in the estate agency/property industry is very wise; they will know all about the industry, who your competitors are and what sort of websites you need to get backlinks from.

Compare Quotes On SEO For Estate Agents

All SEO companies charge differently (as mentioned above, depending on their level of experience) so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes. Finding the right SEO expert that is experienced and competent to get you from page 20 to page 1 without charging you the earth is only possible by shopping around and comparing SEO companies. If you are interested in getting advice from SEO for estate agents, just fill in the form.

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