SEO For Recruitment Companies

SEO For Recruitment CompaniesDoes Your Recruitment Website Need Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO for recruitment companies is essential.  

Since most people these days search for jobs online, being found on the organic listings is essential.  

However how do you climb online in such a busy market place?

If you would like your website to get more natural visitors, then search engine optimisation is what you need.  

You need to talk to SEO companies that have recruitment marketing experience.  

The reason is about you getting results.  

Since there are hundreds of web optimisation companies in the UK to choose from, how do you select one?  

Basically you choose one that has experience in working for companies in the job market.  SEO will take time, certainly as the recruitment market is so highly competitive dominated by the big players.  

For free advice and quotes from web optimisation companies that have experience in doing optimisation in this sector, just fill out the form opposite.

Do You Need SEO?

Search engine optimisation is very important for any business, as the industry is so competitive it is even more important for you.  

Getting people onto your recruitment website is necessary in order to get more candidates registered and using the agency. 

The recruitment company with the most recruits will be the one that is the most successful.  

With the growth of companies like Indeed, the industry is changing.  Industry based recruitment websites like Healthcare are popular and government run.

The alternative in the short term is using PPC advertising.  

PPC for recruitment companies is very popular, as there is only space on page 1 for 10 companies.  

The downside of this is the cost, it is very expensive as it is so popular.  

Therefore SEO for recruitment companies is important.  Putting altogether a long term SEO strategy is wise.

How Much Would It Cost?

SEO costs will vary depending on the amount of work that is needed. 

Web optimisation is an ongoing process and is a battle.  All other recruitment companies are doing optimisation, both on a local and a national level. 

As the recruitment industry is so competitive, it is going to be hard work and a long term process.  All web optimisation companies set their own fees, so SEO prices will vary significantly.

What Is Involved In Optimisation?

So what is SEO all about?  It is a complex process, but basically comes down to three core areas:

  • Onsite – Getting your website set to be crawled by search spiders
  • Offsite – Getting other websites to link to your in your market
  • Technical – The coding and running of your website

For recruitment companies, getting the balance is important.  

You need to have all three of the above to have an effective optimisation campaign that works.  There is also social media presence which is part of your offsite optimisation.  

Since around 2013 search engines have been paying more and more attention to social media.  

So you need to have a social media presence.  Choosing the right social media platform is important, as you do not need to be on all platforms.

Choosing The Right Agency

There are thousands of SEO agencies around the UK that would only be glad to help recruitment companies; however not all will be up to the task.

SEO is hard work and will take time; so choosing the right agency is important.  It is advised to talk to SEO companies with recruitment experience.  Ones that have done SEO for recruitment companies in the past and have a track record of success.

Get A Quote

If you are interested in getting some advice or quotes from SEO agencies that know about SEO for the recruitment sector, just fill out the form above today.  

All agencies are privately owned and set their own fees.  Two agencies could quote and could be thousands of pounds apart.

The common term ‘you get what you pay for’ does not really apply to web optimisation.  Paying a top Google Partner that is a leading agency in London will not guarantee that you will get the best value for money.

However using a freelance company in Birmingham will not necessarily be the best choice either.  This is why we advise you to compare quotes and go with who you feel is the most capable.

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