It Is Important To Climb Online And Reach The Top

Climb OnlineClimb Online And Reach The Top Of The Search Engines

The internet has billions of websites, all seeking to climb online and to reach the top of the search results.

Like it or not, we live in a digital world that is dominated by social media.

The high streets are struggling because more of our life is online. Online shopping, online banking, online messaging, online dating, the list goes on.

How do you clime online in this increasingly digital world? If you reach the top, is that when you stop?

How do you climb online and reach the top?  The internet is a vast place, and the only way you can grow is to know your market and dominate your sector. Sounds easy?

Well, you are competing with all your competitors as well as the search engines themselves. Google has introduced ‘featured snippets‘ which help web users in finding what it is they are looking for.

This is where search engines place your page above others as it feels that the page is exactly (or as near as) what the web user is looking for.

The Mystery Of The Web To Climb Online

The challenge for every website optimisation company is website optimisation is very much an unknown since mystery of the search engines changing algorithm is known only to them.

The changing algorithm is a closely guarded secret for which only hints have been left to digest.  The algorithm has been adapting for over 2 decades as technology changes and smart people figure out parts of the algorithm.

Here are a few things that are best guess as to what is required to climb online:

  • Quality unique website content
  • Mobile friendly to all smartphones
  • New content being added regularly
  • Each page has authority links pointing towards it

The main thing that search engines have always put value on is the actual website content, what each web page has to say.  The size of each web page has always been a topic of discussion between SEO companies, anything from 1,000 – 3,000 words per page is required.

Since 2014 search engines have ranked all websites based on their mobile usability over desktops since most people these days use our smartphones to browse the internet.

New website content is something most SEO’s agree on, ‘content is king’ is the old motto and it is expected to always be the case.  News websites always rank high, and they have new pages added each day.

Websites that rank high on the search results tend to have a strong backlink from authority websites.

Know Your Keywords To Climb Online

Your keywords are the heart of your SEO strategy. For example, if you are an accountant in Kings Lynne, your keyword would be variants of ‘Accountant in Kings Lynne’. The advice generally is to get a mixture of long tail and short tail keywords.

For your main pages, short tail is good, for blog articles or deeper pages, long tail keywords are good.  A good balance will help you climb online and reach the top.

The more diversification you can use with your keywords, the better. Every page of your website should have a keyword focus.

Outstanding Content

Search engines are not the only ones you need to impress, you are also after human visitors.  The more engaging you can make your website content, the better it will work for you, this will help you climb online and reach the top.  

Polls are always good, as are competitions. If you are a local business then making a prise of something local that people will recognise is ideal.

Search engines love new content, this is why news websites and social media websites are always high in search results. The old phrase ‘content is king’ is still true. Indeed there are other variables when it comes to SEO, but regular updates are important if you want to climb online.

Videos on your website are also thought to be good for SEO and linking it to YouTube.

Working With An SEO Company

If you want to climb the search engines, working with an SEO agency is a good option.  They should be able to advise you on what you need to do to climb the search engines.

They will also do their part in terms of link building and other offsite forms of SEO.

SEO is split into three main areas:

  • Onsite SEO – The actual content on your website
  • Offsite SEO – The links that are pointing to your different website pages
  • Technical SEO – The usability of your website such as mobile usability, coding, page titles etc.

You can do your part in adding new content, blog posts etc. in order to grow your website and its reach.

Using social media is also a big part of the SEO toolbox, to help you climb online.

Your Social Life

Do you use social media in your business? If you want to climb online to reach the top, you do need to have a social footprint. Websites like Facebook are always good. Posting pictures, writing well constructed messages will help you climb the search engines.  

Linkedin is also a good place to hang out.  Also a good place to marketing your brand on Linkedin.

Remember, you do not need to be on all social media websites. Choose the social media platform that is right for you. There are a growing number of social media websites, so have 2-3 that you are posting on, this will help you climb online. But when you do reach the top, in order to stay there, you need to keep being social.

Build Build Build

A word play on the post COVID message from the government, building your website content is important to climbing up the search engines.

Consider websites that appear high on search engine results such as news websites and Wikipedia, they are websites that have daily content added.

If you want to climb the search engines, it is important to continue to add new relevant content to your website.

Compare Quotes To Help You Climb Online

Every business wants to be at the top of search results, to climb online.

All SEO companies are different, some are brand new with little experience, some are very experienced.  Some agencies are very expensive, charging thousands of pounds a month, some are very affordable charging less than £500 a month.

Comparing quotes is essential to finding the right SEO company for your business, not to find the cheapest agency, but the right one. 

Just fill in the form and we can help you get quotes from local SEO experts today.

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