UK Logistics Costs Set To Rise

UK Logistics Costs Set To RiseWith Brexit And The Covid War, UK Logistics Costs Are Set To Rise

The UK faces a double hit of logistics costs rising from the new partners of Brexit and COVID-19 restrictions.  Most of us have seen the effects of panic buying of products like toilet roll and tinned foods.

With boarder delays and a surge in demand, immediate costs have gone up alongside long term costs with increased tariffs.

The UK logistics industry kept Britain propped up and kept food on the shelves as they were quick to react to the pandemic of 2020-21.

Lockdown Was A Blessing For The UK Logistics Industry

Since that historic announcement on 23rd March, 65 million people in the UK were told to stay at home.  This gave thousands of trucks, vans and lorries clear roads in order to get much needed supplies from docks to distribution centres, to warehouses to our shelves.

Despite panic buying of products all across the UK, shelves were restocked within days (or even hours) thanks to our UK logistics system.

They were and are our key workers, without whom the country would have been in a similar situation to rationing of world war 2.

The UK Logistics Network Looking Forwards

Uk logistics costs are set to go up, with larger companies able to absorb increases easier than the smaller ones.  We have all seen the vans of Ocado and Amazon in large numbers, and predictions show this is set to increase as our buying patterns move more online than ever before.

With lockdown restrictions easing in 2021, the network faces many challenges, with traffic numbers restored to post pandemic levels.

Smaller logistics firms face huge competition against global players such as DHL 

Marketing for logistics companies therefore is going to have to adapt to the new world we have been thrown into.

Logistics costs in the UK are predicted to rise alongside Brexit delays, but help is available to UK transport companies.

Hope For UK Logistics Sector

Britain has always been a trading nation going back to pre-Roman times, and this habit has continued to the modern day.

The UK Government is openly supporting all logistics firms to keep the trading wheels turning, bringing goods in and out of the nation.

Although the future is unknown and UK logistics costs are set to rise, the future does look bright as we move into the new unknown future.

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