Using Promotional Gifts To Boost Business

Using Promotional Gifts To Boost Business.Giving Something Away Is Always Appreciated

It has been said over and over again, if you give you will receive.

Using promotional gifts to boost business can be effective, but needs to be done in the right way.

Although this needs to be read in context, giving out promotional gifts can really help in boosting your brand’s viability.

You may not see a direct result on the sales, however promotional gifts are a great way to remind people who you are and what your company offers.

The normal use of promotional items is at events and exhibitions along with product launches; however you can do them as part of a mailing.

There is nothing wrong with just sending a quick message to your clients/prospects asking how things are and if you can help with anything (with a nice gift included).


A great idea is sending promotional chocolate to people.  It is inexpensive and has a high impact (as long as you have a branded packaging design around the chocolate.  But who does not enjoy a chocolate now and again?

Using promotional gifts to boost business can certainly be achieved using chocolate.

One thing to avoid however is sending chocolates in the summer (as they may well melt en-route); which could have a negative effect.

To give you an idea, a box of around 3,000 promotional chocolates can cost around £100.  So factoring in the mailing, postage you could be looking at 3,000 of your prospects seeing your name and smiling for around £500.

Do this as a regular mailing once a month, and you have quite a powerful way of reinforcing your brand.

Be Creative

Every company receives the normal promotional gifts through the post (post it’s, pens etc.) from recruitment companies which normally get filled under ‘B.I.N’.  So try to be inventive in the gifts that are selected.

It is good to try and choose a promotional gift that has some relevance to your business/product, as this will carry more weight.

Send Gifts To Named Contacts

If you can, find out who the point of contact will be at the company you are going to be mailing; otherwise the chocolate/gift will be swallowed up by reception. Even if the prospect passes it to reception after it was received – the job has been done and they have seen your brand/company name.

If needs be, use a telemarketing company to do a quick call around of prospects to get some names to get names – which will increase the hit rate of your responses.

Branded gift costs vary from agency to agency.

Rather than spending time going through companies on Google and contacting promotional gift agencies one at a time, let us help you get quotes.

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