Choosing Promotional Gifts

Choosing Promotional GiftsDid You Need Help In Choosing Promotional Gifts?

Choosing promotional gifts can be a frustrating process.  Why?  

There are so many to choose from, and you need to choose the right one for it to have the right impact.

If you are looking for ideas, just tell us; selecting the right one can mean the difference between success or wasting money.

Have you ever been to an event, wandering round and thought ‘wow, their give always are much better than mine’. Most of us have been, and it is frustrating.

Why Use Promotional Products?

When choosing promotional gifts, where are you going to use them?  Promotional products are mainly used at events, conferences and exhibitions.  

Either to help launch a new product, or to serve as a physical marketing reminder.

If you are at the NEC for an event, then having some branded merchandise on your stand is essential.

They are great for brand awareness, giving a visual of what your company/product is and contact details to get in touch.  They are also fairly low cost, and can (if chosen correctly) be a lasting marketing tool.

Choosing The Right Branded Product

When choosing promotional gifts, there are hundreds and hundreds of items that can be used as free give away’s.  

However you do need to choose the right one in order to get the right sort of response.  Consider your budget.  What can you afford?  

Products do not necessarily need to be expensive to be effective.

 Possibly the most effective promotional products are branded cups or t-shirts (which seem to work well for sports brands).

Choose Something Appropriate

If you are a builder, then why not choose a product that is related to building.  

There are lots of umbrellas out there, but if your product is not related to umbrellas – then the point is kind of lost.

Talking to an industry relevant marketing agency is a wise idea.  For example, marketing for builders.  

This can give your building company some good ideas.  

Whatever your industry, we can point you in the right direction.  Choosing promotional gift that fit the occasion is important.

Choose Something Cheap

Most branded items are low value (promotional mugs from 20p each or pens from 10p each) so you do not have to spend too much to get something in place.  

Choosing promotional gifts that look cheap may damage your brand, so be careful.

Something is better than nothing

If you are attending an event and cannot find a suitable give away that is relevant to your business; then opt for something that will be practical.  

So many are quirky and weird, but get thrown away as they are not practical.  Choosing promotional gifts that are basic is fine.  

If you are stuck for ideas, then why not try these ideas:

  • Mugs
  • Calendars (don’t give this years calendar away half way through this year)
  • Pens
  • Stress Balls (yes, these are kept and used- mainly for throwing)
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Box Of Mints

The above generally will not be binned or given to children, but kept in the office or used – which is what you want.

Get Quotes On Gifts

There are lots and lots of branded gift companies in the UK.  

All agencies set their own fees so the costs of promotional gifts do vary.  

They do vary from supplier to supplier; so it is worth shopping around to see what the best deal is (as some suppliers do have monthly or seasonal deals).

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