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web programmingWeb Programming – Also Known As Web Development

Web development is also known as web programming, and this is all about creating the framework for your website.  When a website is created, it needs to have a framework to sit on.  This can be an off the shelf framework like WordPress or Wix, or it could be created to specification.

Web programming is an important part of getting a website created, as not all websites are the same.  Many use ‘plugins‘ which need updating (as all software needs).

How To Choose A Web Programming Company

There are hundreds of agencies around the UK, how do you choose the right one for your business?  The main thing to do is to ask about their experience.  How long have they been developing websites for?  Who have they developed websites for?

If yours is a simple website, such as an estate agents website, they you will just need a nice design and pictures.  If it is a more complex website (such as a bank, or a florist) you will need a web developer.  If you are going to be accepting payments through the website, you need to talk to someone about payment gateways.  This has to be built in to the framework, which will involve using plugins.

Compare Quotes

One thing to bear in mind is that all web developers are private companies.  They all set their own fees, which vary considerably.

We always advise getting 4-5 quotes from different agencies.  That way you can find the right agency without overpaying someone.

Get Web Programming Quotes Today

Just fill in the form above and we will help you get quotes from different web developers that have experience of helping companies within your industry sector.  There is no obligation to use any of the agencies, but it is wise to shop around and compare quotes.

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