What Is A Blog?

A blog is a kind of personal diary; an online area whereby an individual can express opinions on things.  People run blogs in order to voice their opinions about things.  This could be anything, from political maters, stamp collecting, marketing, architecture, finance – or anything that individuals want to share their thoughts about.

Why Have A Blog

There are actually a few reasons for people to have blogs.  Initially, they started off as a kind of online diary; a place where geeks can waffle about their hobbies, or their jobs, or anything and everything.  These days they have taken on a wider application.

  • SEO

Search engines love blogs.  Blogs normally rank well on search engines because they are fresh content (something search engines like to see).  Correctly used blogs can boost a SEPR (search engine page rank) of a website.

  • Networking

Many bloggers use them in order to build a virtual community.  Having a network of followers giving them praise and acknowledgment for many is very important – it makes them feel valued and appreciated.  For many people (normally that work alone) having a cyber community) is satisfying and can even earn them money (advertising, sponsorship etc.).

  • Social Media

Social media and blogs have a close relationship – as they are both prompting interaction from web users.  Bloggers normally tie in their blogs to social media channels such as twitter, facebook etc.

How Much Does Getting A Blog Cost?

They are free to start.  The only cost involved is the time element of updating it and keeping it ticking over (answering questions, networking etc.).  There are numerous blogging sites on the internet that are ready to go (just a case of registering and off you go).

It is advised (if you are wanting your blog to have an SEO impact) to get a blog linked into your domain.  So your blog would be
One important factor (like anything on the web) is making your blog look good.  You can do this through the pictures on the blog, photography you have created, or the general design of the blog.  It is good to talk to website designers about how to get the best template set up – so you can just add the content.

Can Anyone Start One?

Blogs are just a means of individuals/organisations sharing their own opinions on anything, so anyone can talk about anything.  Blogs are great because they all have a unique flavour.  Everyone has a different opinion about subjects and topics; so linking to bloggers that hold similar values or discuss topics you can relate to (for business or pleasure) can only help grow our outlook on life.

Closing Advice

It is advised chatting to a website designer about getting one set up; they are fairly simple to construct, but do need to look good (hence the design element).

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