What Is CSS?

What Is CSS?What Is CSS All About?

CSS stands for ‘cascading style sheets’ and is the mechanism for adding features to web documents (style, colours, fonts etc.) to spruce them up.

This is something that any website developer should know, and they should certainly have a good knowledge of HTML (hyper text markup language) and XHTML (extensible hyper markup language)

How Is CSS Used?

CSS is used to ensure that HTLM websites come alive, cascading style sheets are used in HTLM coding to bring the page to live to the user and make the experience more pleasurable.

Who Needs To Know About CSS

This is a web developers realm, and part of the skills that developers need to keep up to date on. As the internet grows and technology develops, the world of HTML and CSS is changing, so web developers need to keep on top of changes in order to ensure that your website looks modern and can compete with your competitors.

The Benefits Of Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading style sheets shortcuts the laborious coding involved in HTML, making programming easier to do.  This is further made simple using modern web platforms such as WordPress which take old school coding out of web development and integrate CSS into the overall platform.

Development Tutorial

If you developers out there would like a tutorial, this is a useful link to look at.  Tutorials are always useful to find out what CSS is all about and how it can be used in modern web development.

Benefits Of Using A Developer

Websites are constantly changing and developing, so the need to have a good developer working in the background, is important.  This is not just to update the software on the website, but also to take out redundant coding.

If you need help with web development, coding or any area of programming for your website, just fill in the form to get quotes.

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