Why Use A Sales Consultant?

Why Use A Sales Consultant?Bringing In A Sales Consultant

Have you ever considered using a sales consultant for generating new business?  Someone that is more focused than using a telemarketing company to handle your cold calling.

A sales expert will travel to your office and work anything from 1-3 days a week doing lead generation for your sales team.

What Is Involved In Using A Sales Consultant?

What is marketing consultancy?

The main thing about using a sales expert is that they will work from your office as part of your sales team.  Rather than a telemarketing consultant that works remotely from an agency, somethings will little or no involvement with your business development team.

Advantages Of Outsourcing To A Consultant

Very often the expert knows your industry.  Whether they are a construction marketing expert, or involved in IT telemarketing they will have a good understanding of your market.

  • Focus

As they are working from your offices, they are part of your team.  They are 100% focused on working for you rather than working from their own offices, chatting to their friends between phone calls or looking at Facebook while on calls.  It is true, you have no control over what someone remotely is doing other than trusting them that they are giving you 100% every day.

  • Relationship

If you have a consultant working from your office, you can build that all important relationship with them.  You know if they are 37 years old and have an interest in premier league football.  Or if they are just back from university with 6 months of sales experience.

  • Security

As they are working for you on your database, you know that your data is not being used or stolen.  A telemarketing agency may use your data for their other clients.  Your marketing data is very valuable and you would want to protect it at all cost.

  • Communication

A consultant that works from your offices will not only be able to communicate effectively face to face with you, but also with your wider sales team.  They will be able to find out what kind of sales leads or appointments you want.  What appointments to send which of your sales people on.  They can also get feedback on how the appointments they have produced have gone and discuss any improvements.

Really there are many advantages to having someone work onsite for you, perhaps more than if someone is working remotely.

Disadvantages Of Outsourcing To A Sales Consultant

The main downside to using a sales consultant is cost.  Telemarketing companies tend to be a cheaper option as they are working remotely.  They do not have to travel to and from your offices, insuring issues of early morning starts, traffic issues and the dangers of road use in general.

  • Cost

Using a consultant normally involves a higher day rate than a telemarketing company.  The reason is mainly down to experience.  Sales consultants are normally seasoned sales professionals and therefore demand a higher day rate.  They do not have offices or staff to employ, but do pay their own tax and have their travel costs to consider.

  • Long Term Reliability

A sales consultant may for some reason decide to stop working.  Maybe they got an offer of another job, maybe due to illness.  A telemarketing company will always be around (unless they close), so even if a sales person leaves, others will be there to take over.

Experience Of Sales Consultants

Telemarketing companies on the whole tend to employ younger staff.  Like any business, good staff are hard to find, and telemarketing staff have a very high turnover.

Sales consultants normally are normally highly experienced sales professionals.  Perhaps ex-sales managers, or business owners that have opted for a different pace of life.

Most consultants will be able to provide a good background of themselves, working either in international sales or for blue chip companies.

Closing Thoughts

When considering using a sales consultant over a telemarketing agency, the main thing to consider is their industry experience.  How well do they know your industry sector.

How well do they know your business?

All to often telemarketing companies will sell the concept of lead generation and then use a ‘green sales person’ to do the calling for you.

What you want is a highly qualified sales person that can deliver results and ROI.

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