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Marketing in the construction industry is becoming more and more necessary as the construction industry continues to grow.  

The difficulty is finding the right agency, as there are so many marketing companies in the UK.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have construction marketing experience.

Since COVID-19 adapting your construction marketing strategy has become essential as the sector has changed.

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The UK Construction Industry

Marketing in the construction industry has always been a tricky area as the sector has been so up and down.

Since the recession, the industry has started to pick up.  As a result, construction companies are looking at new and more creative forms of marketing to stand out. The sector has moved on a lot in terms of it’s marketing and communications.  

As building firms are now taking on external marketing professionals that have an in-depth knowledge of construction marketing.

The industry is very diverse, a few areas would be:

  • Product Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Landscapers
  • Lighting Manufacture
  • flooring, ceiling companies,
  • Dry Walls
  • Plumbing
  • Heavy Plant
  • Security (site security, CCTV, mobile patrol etc.)
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance

The sector has over a million different businesses within it.  Each needs a different construction marketing approach.

Marketing Within The Industry

There are three things that a construction company needs to look for when looking to select a marketing company to work with:

  • They have a track record within the sector
  • The marketing company is local
  • They can get results

There are hundreds of marketing companies around the UK.  Some have experience of working within the construction and property sector.  

There are a few that work specifically within the construction sector.  So it is worth getting a few quotes and ideas from a few of them to compare.

Working with a local agency will ensure that you have a level of control over the campaign.  

You would miss this if the agency were far away (or at the other side of the UK). Working with a local agency means that you can meet with them without to much difficulty. 

Even though we are living in a cyber society and a world of text messages and e-mail.  Face to face meetings still play an important role in developing a relationship and communication. 

Often overlooked as a way of saving time and bringing on more ‘cyber clients’ marketing companies can sometimes forsake meetings as not essential. 

However from your perspective, ensuring the marketing company totally understands your business, goals and objectives is essential.

Follow up meetings (reviews) are also suggested.  To ensure that the campaign is running well and KPI’s are being met (key performance indicators).

Marketing is a difficult thing to measure.  

However as a construction company you do need to have a way of measuring results.  You cannot just write a blank cheque in the hope that it may work.

Asking for current clients and testimonials should give you a feel for how other customers experiences are.  How successful their campaigns are, what they are like to work with etc.

Firstly, you need to think about your story, what makes you different to other construction companies near by?  Then you need to work with the agency about communicating this message to your audience across a range of marketing mediums.

Popular Forms Of Marketing

Your Website

Your website is normally the first thing a client will see.  

It is your shop window.  

It is therefore one of the most essential marketing tools that you can have.  You therefore do need to invest wisely in it (not by spending lots, but by wisely spending).  

By having a few website designers to have a look at your website (or setting up a new one) you can get some good feedback.  

Using website designers with construction experience is something we do encourage.  

They will know your customers and what designs work to produce an effective website.  

Chances are they will be able to communicate your message more effectively than a designer with no construction or property experience.

Marketing Of Your Website

Pay per click marketing is a relatively new form of marketing for construction companies.  PPC for construction companies is almost an essential marketing tool.  

Only 10 companies can fit onto page 1.  Quick and easy to set up, you can ensure that when you are locally searched for on search engines, your advert will appear.  This is linked into the kind of keywords you are trying to target (pilling, architecture, cladding etc.).

PPC is mainly a short term answer for online exposure.  

Website optimisation is the more long term goal.  This will get you ‘free traffic’ from search engines, but it does come at a cost.  SEO for construction companies is as essential as your website itself (after all, what is the point of a website that has not visitors).  

Being found online is essential for any construction company, as is to climb online as time progresses.


A popular way to generate new business is to use telemarketing.  Canvassing for new work when there is little around is sadly what is needed to keep new tenders coming through.  

Telemarketing can be quickly set up and generating an ROI on the very first day (all being well).

Lead Generation

Telemarketing for construction companies can quickly follow up on old sales leads, or hunt for new ones.  Using companies such as ABI you can get lead generation underway.  Telemarketing is a powerful construction marketing option and one we would encourage you considering. 

Coupled into lead generation for construction companies is using a sales consultant.  A sales consultant would work from your offices 1 or perhaps 2 days per week.  

They are focused 100% on you, working alongside your sales team and communicating directly with you.  

Your database is secure as it is not being used off-site, the consultant works from it from your offices.

Events And Exhibitions

Historically events and exhibitions have been up and down in construction.  

Back in the early days of the recession, many construction exhibitions had been cancelled.  As the industry has picked up, many events such as Interbuild.  

Exhibitions can be a great form of construction marketing as you can showcase your products to the central industry.  

There are a number of exhibition stand designers that can help you get a great stand at your next construction event.

Sales Training

Sales training for your sales team is essential, as sales people get into bad habits.  

For your sales teams, they do need good training, and a trainer that is experienced in sales training for construction companies is ideally placed.  This keeps them sharp and hopefully productive, which is what you want.  

It should also reduce your sales staff turnover.  If they are productive, they are less likely to leave and find another sales job.

Media and Marketing Exposure In The Industry

There are many media publications in the construction sector:

  • Building
  • Building Talk
  • Property Weekly
  • Construction News

These magazines are read by most of the leading companies in the sector and are a great place for articles and press releases to be published.  There are a wide number of PR agencies with construction experience that know the contacts at the above publications. 

Many PR agencies that have sector experience have been forced to close (as the recession has not just effected property companies, but the marketing companies serving them.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Construction marketing is a balance between getting the most experienced agency for the best price.  We want to help you find a local marketing agency that have experience in the construction sector.  

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