5 Reasons Lead Generation For Accounting Companies Is Important

5 Reasons Lead Generation For Accountants

Why Lead Generation For Accounting Companies Is Important

We have put together a list of 5 reasons that lead generation for accounting companies is important. The reason is that many accountants still rely on word of mouth and natural customers to come in through the door. However there is a danger with this, which we will explore first.

All accountants get the ‘occasional’ recommendation from a current customer or from a company they met at a networking event. New customers occasionally come through networking websites like Linkedin, but can this be relied upon?

Your website is OK and does occasionally produce a few new enquiries, however they are not consistent. This is the issue that many face is the inconsistency when it comes to getting new customers through the door.

Do a quick search of your firm on Google and do you come up on page 1? Accountants in <whichever town or city you are in>

Getting new leads through the website is important and you have been meaning to talk to someone who offers SEO for accountants, but with end of year approaching, you have not got time. Plus, with no idea how much it is going to cost, or how long it will take to yield fruit, you have been avoiding it.

Marketing for any is important, as business does not just come through the door by itself. But getting the time to focus on it is the tricky thing. Plus finding the right experienced agency that can produce results is the main challenge. You have used a marketing company in the past and it was just one big money pit.

The thing is, it all comes down to experience. They said they knew what they were doing, but did they really?

Telemarketing for accountants is unique, as it produces almost instant results. Hang on, I hear you saying, so does PPC advertising. Put and advert onto Google Adwords and you can get enquires through that same day. Well, we would agree with that, but there is a catch – are the leads what you want. PPC for accountants can be successful, but it is not targeted. You may want local clients. You may want clients of a certain type (£10m TO for example) which PPC cannot deliver.

So, lets look back at 5 reasons lead generation for accountants is important and to why it could be so useful for your accountancy practice.

1/ Targeting New Clients

You can actually target new clients to suit your practice. If you are a larger accountancy firm like KPMG, you want to get large clients. If you work from home then you may want to have smaller or medium sized clients.

You can target local clients. If you are an SME, then working with someone local is better than someone at the other end of the country.

2/ A Sales Tap

Most firms do not need new clients all the time, they need to have a kind of tap that they can turn off and on when needed. Using targeted lead generation for accounting companies can help you pick up new clients when you need them, but turn off when things get too busy.  No matter what size you are, there is always a threshold that can be reached.  For this reason, turning a flow off and on can be very helpful.

3/ Cost effective

Telemarketing is actually a very cost effective route to market when compared against other forms of promotion such as TV advertising or internet marketing.  Yes day rates can be high, but when you are able to specifically target certain types of client, the returns can more than cover the investment.

4/ Lead Nurturing

By doing outbound calling, you can actually nurture long term prospects.  They may not need you now, but in 6 months time, if you schedule a call, what was a No today may turn into a Yes in 6 months time.  By a strategic form of account management, you can nurture leads that may well go cold if not contacted.

5/ Brand Awareness

Why does your accountancy firm stand out to companies you are targeting?  What makes them want to choose you rather than the other companies close by?  The answer is nothing.  You may be more expensive, you may be further away, or less experienced.  Lead generation for accountancy businesses allows for your brand to remain in the mix.  If they see your branded e-mail come through once a month, or hear your dulcet tones on the end of the phone, your brand should remain in mind.

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In such a competitive industry, prospecting for new business is very important if you want to both survive and to grow.  If you want to know more about how to grow your sales pipeline, just get in touch via the contact form opposite. 

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