Telemarketing For Accountants

Telemarketing For Accountants

Telemarketing For AccountantsTelemarketing for accountants is growing more and more popular, as the recession deepens and businesses do start to count pennies more so than before.

Telemarketing is a great pro-active form of marketing where you can target decision makers within key businesses you want to work for.

Within days you can generate new leads from your database.

Choosing the right telemarketing company however is important as not all telemarketing companies in the UK have experience in working within the financial industry.

Most Marketing Does Not Work

Sadly the reality for most accountants is that most of the marketing that is done does not work.

Gaining Twitter followers or building connections on LinkedIn does not transfer into fees.

Many marketing companies will talk about building your brand or getting more website visitors, but this often does not translate into turnover.

Telemarketing is very different to other forms of marketing such as public relations, PPC, SMM as it is pro-active.

It can be used to target specific decision makers within organisations to generate an appointment for you.

Marketing for accountants is important, but not all marketing works.

Telemarketing Is An Effective Marketing Tool

Telemarketing is a very effective marketing tool for accountants, as all businesses need an accountant. This therefore means that every business is a prospective client.

Every accountant is different and each will want to work with their target clients.

This could be clients within a certain industry sector or clients that have a certain turn over.

All accountants are different, some small and wanting to target SME’s, some large and wanting to target blue chip companies.

Accountants can target clients of a certain size, certain location, certain turn over and stand a fairly good chance of success.

You can get hold of the decision maker and have an appointment booked by the telemarketing company that fits into your busy diary.

Here are 5 reasons lead generation for accountants is important.

The Benefits Of Telemarketing For Accountants

There are a few core benefits in telemarketing for accountants:

  • Targeting Core Clients

Telemarketing for accountants is a perfect way to build a client base.  If you are experienced in a certain market sector (construction for example or medical), then you can target core clients.  Specifically ones that have a certain turnover.

  • Creating A Sales Pipeline

Telemarketing for accountancy firms can be used to create a manageable sales pipeline.  Clients come and go (for a variety of reasons).  Telemarketing can be used to ensure that new clients are coming on board as existing ones leave.

  • Being Selective

Many accountants are not able to pick and choose new clients, just hoping that new clients come to them via their website.  However telemarketing for accountants enables you to be selective in picking and choosing clients rather than getting what comes your way.

Scratching The Itch

When approaching clients, telemarketing companies that work in the sector normally have one weapon they can use, and that is price. If a business can save thousands a year by switching accountant, then certainly they would be interested.

The only reason a business would consider changing accountant is if someone else comes along with a better price right?

Not exactly, blue chip companies do not use a small accounting firm in Swindon to handle their accounts, as their accounts will be large and complex often covering different countries and locations.

Experience matters when it comes to accounting, so finding the right clients and matching that with the right accountant is what it is all about.

Finding The Right Telemarketing Agency

A quick search on a search engine for the search term ‘telemarketing for accountants in the UK’ will bring up millions of results.

How do you find the right telemarketing agency?

Knowledge is power, have they done marketing for accountants before?  An agency that has experience in talking to accountants, to producing results?

That is where we can help, to help you get quotes from agencies that are experienced in lead generation for accountants.

There are hundreds of telemarketing companies in the UK, not all have worked with accountants.

Here are 5 reasons lead generation for accountants is important can be found here.

Getting Timing Right

The one thing is that it is all about timing.

Clients are not always looking for a new accountant.  They may only consider this around the time when they have paid the invoice.

So finding out when this is due (or the annual accounts are due to be made up) can help with getting the foot in the door to discuss ideas, options and the chance for a meeting.

This is called lead nurturing; a no today may become a yes tomorrow (so to speak).

Procuring Telemarketing Data

If you communicate what kind of customers you are after, the telemarketing company can target them for you.

Normally this would be done locally, unless you are a national accountancy firm, or even global.

Marketing data can be procured from data companies.  Whether you are wanting to target defence companies, medical, engineering, marketing data is quite simple to source along with contact names.

How Much Does Telemarketing Cost?

Telemarketing prices do vary from agency to agency, however it is wise to select an agency that has experience in doing telemarketing for accountants. They will know the approach to take and should have a better conversion ratio than the next firm.

Most telemarketing agencies charge per day, and a rough guideline price would be around £250 per day (plus VAT), but this varies depending on the agencies experience and their profit margins.

Sadly there are no guarantees with marketing, however you can ask for KPI’s

It is wise to ask for a trial, to see how they fair and if they can generate you an appointment to wet your interest.

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