Lead Generation For Accountants

Lead Generation For AccountantsDid You Need Telemarketing Support For Your Accountancy Practice?

Lead generation for accountants is a very important part of the new business drive, and you do need to be pro-active in generating new sales leads.

The main reason is the growing number of practices around the UK, freelancers that can often undercut with lower fees, or doing additional work that larger firms may prefer to shy away from.

Here are 5 reasons lead generation for accountants is important.

Telemarketing for accountants really needs to be carried out by experienced experts.

Networking Is Important And Free

Part of lead generation for accountants is networking.  Using professional bodies can boost their ‘footprint’ and networking is a big part of the process.

The Need For Regular New Leads

Even if you are busy, it is always good to have fresh sales leads being drip fed through, sales leads from target prospects.

Relying on the companies website is dangerous as clients may well come from all walks of life, as opposed to the ‘type’ of client that is being sought out.

Many firms do seek a specific kind of client (a specific size client, a client in a certain industry) and incoming sales leads may not always measure up to the ‘ideal’ client.

There is the need therefore to be proactive and using a telesales company to drip feed new leads.

The Importance Of Good Data

One of the core points about lead generation for accountancy companies is the need for good business data.  Having up to date and accurate marketing data is essential for any telemarketing campaign.

So much time is wasted by using out of date or incorrect data.  Time spent in contacting clients that have left the organisation or the contact details are incorrect.

Not All Leads Are Clients

Sales leads that are passed over by telemarketing companies are just that, they are sales leads. Sales leads are not a sale on a plate, it is a lead with interest, so may well not convert into a client right away.

However many do not want clients right away, but new clients coming through steadily over the course of time.

New Enquiries Are Needed By All

Telemarketing for accountants of all sizes is advised, whether this is for large scale lead generation (2-3 sales leads a day) or ad hock leads being passed through (1 new sales lead a week) maybe for freelancers or smaller practices.

All would benefit from using a proactive service and telemarketing is a great tool for the job. By actively targeting businesses in the local area, appointments are easy to arrange and attend.

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