6 Most Annoying TV Adverts

6 Most Annoying TV AdvertsWhat Are The 6 Most Annoying TV Adverts Of All Time?

We all have to endure adverts on TV, even if we channel hop throughout the evening, you do trip over the adverts that we just cannot stand.

In my humble opinion these are the five most annoying adverts on TV in the first quarter of 2011:

  • Go Compare /Compare The Meerkat
  • BT 118 118
  • Injury Lawyers 4 U
  • Churchill (All Adverts)
  • All Charity Adverts (especially around Christmas)
  • Government Adverts (from the angle that our money is being spent on huge advertising costs)

With the exception of number 6, these have to be the most annoying TV adverts that are being screened.

However, being annoying, they do stick in your mind (like that silly red phone on wheels we have all come to know) so therefore they do what they are supposed to do (no, not to annoy and irritate you putting you in a bad mood for the rest of the evening) but make the service stick in your mind.

It is interesting, that all of the above TV adverts are for services (as opposed to products) and tend to be on throughout the day (not just in the evening)

Of the 6 most annoying TV adverts, charities has to be at the top, on the grounds they are funded be people donating to a specific cause.

Advertising for charities around Christmas is particularly annoying.  Mainly as they are using donations to fund their cause.  This is normally linked into slow sultry music to make you feel sad, make you feel like donating.

The TV advert is put together by an advertising agency, who has been paid (again by donations) to make you feel bad.

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