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Blogging TipsHelpful Blogging Tips For A Successful Blog

We have put together some blogging tips to help you with having an effective blog that people are interested in viewing.

Blogging is a great way to add new website content which search engines like.  It also gives you a platform to talk about new products or services in your business.

Pretty much all websites have blogs, they are a useful way of giving updates about your business, and adding new web content to your website (which search engines like).

  • You have heard that blogging is good for your websites SEO?
  • You have had a blog set up on your website domain (which is the best for SEO).
  • You now need to start blogging and get your network built.

How? There are blogs and there are blogs.  The difference is quite remarkable, in the same sense that there are cars (fiestas) and there are cars (DB9’s).

Some blogs are boring, lifeless and rarely updated.  Some blogs are exciting, changing daily and vibrant.

What Makes A Bad Blog

  • No Pictures

Pictures speak 1000 words, they engage the mind and add colour and contrast to a web page.  There is nothing more boring that a page full of text.

  • Never updated

Some are updated like crazy when they are first set up, but then run out of steam and are either left, or updated once every few months.

  • No interaction

What is the point of having an area for adding comments if there are none or the blogger does not interact with the visitors?

  • Boring content

The reason is to inspire and engage.  Some cover boring topics and are, well, boring.  The key blogging tips we can offer is make your blog interesting.

What Makes A Good Blog?

  • Interesting

If you are passionate about a topic, this should come across in your posts.  Choose posts that are around interesting topics.

  • Pictures and images

Choose interesting and amusing pictures.  Keep them unique and on topic and where possible, go for quality.

  • Traffic

There is no point in having a great blog without visitors.  Blogs that are lively and busy are interesting to be a part of.

  • Update regularly

If possible, update your blog each day.  Choose topics that are current (in the media spotlight) and of topical debate.

  • Keep it fresh

If you can, modify the design of the blog every few months. 

Not in a big way, but keeping things changing keeps people intrigued.

Bloggers Block I am sure everyone has heard of writers block?  This is where a writer draws a blank and cannot think of what to write next. 

The same sort of thing happens to bloggers, they reach a wall and struggle to think of new content, new topics and new subjects. 

This is quite common and every blogger has come to the point where they know they need to blog, but cannot think of what to blog about.

There are a few things that can be done if this point is reached (and it will be reached at some point or another):

  • Guest Posting – Invite others to create posts that you showcase.  New content for free.
  • Take A Break – Sometimes taking a few days off can rest the gray cells.
  • Read Other Ones – Get inspiration from reading other peoples updates.
  • Watch The News – Keeping it current will keep it alive

Hitting the proverbial brick wall is a natural part of blogging and often the best advice is to go outside and kick the leaves. 

By taking a break, or just sitting still, inspiration can come and ideas can just pop in. 

A passionate blogger can find new inspiration in the most unlikely of places and through following the above points.  You should be able to ensure that your blog stays fresh, on topic and vibrant.  

Another option is to forge relationships with other bloggers. 

They always say that 2 heads are better than one; so if there are a few bloggers that cover similar topics, they can feed off of each other. 

Networking is a big part of this realm, it is not all about search engine optimisation but also about how you interact with others and build the blogging community.

Creating interesting titles is also a good thing to do, titles that stand out and titles that are compelling.

Another thing is to cover popular search topics, either seasonal or popular topics for your industry sector.

Marketing Blogging Tips

For a blogger, you can rely on search engines picking up on the blog, which will happen; but the other option is using marketing. 

By marketing the blog it should gaim more value as far as search engines are concerned and as such generate more traffic.

The goal of every blog is to be a high traffic resource.  Internet traffic equals money and as such many bloggers spend their days talking about what they are passionate about.  

Google spiders blogs as it is new content.  The core of the blogging tips we can offer is carry on blogging.

Blogging is a big part of search engine optimisation. Compare quotes with Marketing quotes.

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