What Websites Need

What Websites Need Is That Missing ThingWhat All Websites Need Is That One Thing

So you have one in place, you have paid an agency to put together a nice looking website for you and are live on the internet.

You have told your friends about the site, you have tweeted it and set a link onto Facebook.  But other than that, nothing much is happening.

What else does the site need?


Content is the heart of a site, search engines love content, fresh new and unique information that is relevant to your particular topics and market place.  Sites that rank well are sites that are regularly updated.
Consider companies such as Wikipedia & BBC; they are regularly updated (daily) with new content that is topical, and they both rank well.
A website that is static or rarely updated will not be of much interest to search engines and may well loose its position on SERPS (search engine page ranks).

Why Do Blogs Rank Well?

This is the reason that blogs and forums (such as answers.com) rank well on internet searches.  It is because they have fresh regular content.  They are updated daily by the webmasters, and have activity from people adding content and comments.  
So the same can be applied to the site.  As long as you are adding quality unique content to your website you should rise up the ranks on the search engines.

How To Choose Content

All sites are different, some sites are in markets that are very open. Lots of things going on and lots to discuss.  For this reason, they have lots of things to talk about in terms of news, press releases and articles. Businesses that are in small markets and do not change may struggle with finding fresh content to add on a regular basis.  
This is where the following ideas play a big roll:
  • Marketing Articles – helpful resources for your readers to get drawn into your website and services
  • Press Releases – News and information about changes, awards or achievements you have secured.
  • Blog – Blogs are great to add new content.  Topical discussions that others can interact with (search engines love them)

All these three options can add new and fresh content to it, which will be picked up by search engines and help with the overall search engine optimisation of the website.

In finding we have discovered that content is king.  Talking to a web design agency can be beneficial as you can work with them in putting new content onto your new website.

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