Buy A Porsche – Get A Volkswagen

Buy A Porsche - Get A VolkswagenYou Buy A Porsche – Get A Volkswagen

So, VW are set to buy the remaining 50.1% shares in Porsche at the cost of £3.6bn.

VW already had a 49.9% share in 2009 and ironically, Porsche had been wanting to buy out VW, but things change.

So how do Porsche owners feel driving around in Volkswagen’s? Possibly not too different to Mini drivers driving around in BMW’s or other car owners that own high end cars that are made by one of the big 4 (Toyota, GM, VW & Ford).

The days of takeover are upon us, as the larger companies buy up the smaller ones (and this is not just the automotive industry, but food, pharmaceuticals, engineering, defence etc.).

Is Your Website A Porsche Or A Volkswagen?

What do we mean by that?

Well, it looks nice on the surface, but look under the bonnet and you will see that not all that sparkles is gold.  Sometimes a nice website design can make a website appear to be great, an industry leader, but behind the curtain it is a cheap website design.

The internet has moved a long way over the last 10-15 years.  Website technology on standard platforms like WordPress means that websites can be setup quickly and easily.  And, in many cases look great.  However sometimes, those websites are really Volkswagen’s pretending to be Porsche’s.

Sometimes It Is Better To Buy A Porsche

Investment into a website may be a hard decision, especially as a small business.  However consider a website as being an investment.  

Not all of us can afford a Porsche though, most of us can only afford a basic and reliable Volkswagen.

A website is your shop window.  Consider the number of people that are online, the number of people that want to view your website.

Website design prices do vary considerably; however you do not want to get stuck with a Volkswagen when you paid for a Porsche.  

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