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Why compare website design prices?  All website design agencies are private companies that set their own fees, so shopping around can save you thousands!

Websites can range in price, from £500 up to £40,000 and upwards depending on many factors.

This is why it is important to compare quotes.

There are website templates that do not require a web designer, such as Wix or Squarespace and Shopify, these generally are for startup companies that do not necessarily have the budget for a bespoke website.

Here are some things that effect your website design pricing:

  • Website Design – The actual designer coming up with the look and feel of each page.
  • Website Building – Websites are built on a platform, generally a web developer is used.
  • Website Hosting – This would be a monthly cost, typically £10.00 a month up to £50.00.
  • Website Maintenance – All websites need to be maintained, updated etc.
  • Website Marketing – Once your website is produced, it needs to be marketed to your customers.

Let us look at these in a bit more detail.

Website Design

A web designer will work on a platform such as WordPress to create a new website.

They will choose colours to work with your brand, work with you to produce the website content, page layout and number of pages that are put into the menu.

Were you looking for a website to be designed, or perhaps a mobile app to be designed?

Each website design company will charge a different price for the design and development of your website, but let’s look at the other website design costs involved in the mix.

Website Building

This would be based on your main homepage and the menu to help navigate website users around your website as easily as possible.

Most companies will have an ‘about us’ page, ‘contact us’ page, a pricing page and the various pages showing your products and services.

Some websites will have 10 – 20 main pages and then a blog.  Some websites will have tens of thousands of pages, websites like

Website Hosting

Once your website is produced, it will need to be hosted at a physical location, this will be a monthly cost that is ongoing.

Some web design companies will factor this into the website design costs if you host your website with them (assuming they have servers, which most web designers do).

There are lots of website hosting companies in the UK, companies such as Jolt or Fasthosts are two you may have heard of.

If you have a large website (like Marketing Quotes) that has tens of thousands of pages may require a dedicated server, which can cost up to £50.00 per month.

Website Maintenance

Websites are like gardens, they need maintenance and spring cleaning.

Most website platforms have updates of their software which will need to be applied, and sometimes this takes more than just clicking an ‘update now’ button.

Most website designers will factor this into your website design costs as part of an ongoing contract.


This is possibly the most important part of the process, getting people to your website every day.  After all, what is the point in having a website, your shop window. if no-one visits it (and places orders).

Some web designers offer digital marketing services (such as SEO & PPC) to get you up and visible on the search engines, but some do not.

If you would like quotes on website design and marketing also, just let us know.

Why Do Website Design Prices Vary?

All web design agencies will charge different amounts for producing the same website, which is frustrating as there are no standard rates to go by.

All website design agencies are also different, providing different quotes.  All with different industry sector experience.  

This is a question that is asked by companies right across the UK as the costs vary depending on a variety of criteria:

  • How Many Pages
  • What Features Are Needed
  • What Level Of Design
  • What Development Program Is Used
  • Cost Of The Designer
  • What About SEO?

Location also plays a factor.  Website Designers in London may well charge more for a site to be created than someone in Bradford.

Freelancers typically charge lower website design costs than established agencies, but may lack design experience or resources you may need.  If you are a startup company, using a freelancer may be better.

 If the website designer is offshore, they may well charge a lot less.   If the agency is a Google Partner, they may charge more because they have the logo.

Types Of Websites And Costs

To give you an idea, website design prices range from £400 up to over £50,000.  

So depending on what kind of website you want, what you want the website to do, and how much you want to pay the agency, shopping around and comparing prices is essential.

A basic website you are looking at around £500.  

Something simple with 5-10 pages, often called a static site. A more complex website with MMI (multi media images), social media links (Twitter, Instagram etc.) you are looking at around £1,000.

An e-commerce website (an online shop for example) you would be looking at around £5,000 – £10,000.  

Knowing what kind of websites are there requires a website developer to create the data bases that operate behind the scenes, listing your products with varied prices. It is wise to shop around and compare pricing.  

Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes and website design prices to compare.

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