Choosing A Telesales Company

Telesales is about selling on the telephone, something that many businesses in the UK could benefit from during these difficult times of recession.
However many businesses have concerns when considering this, due to the bad reputation that telesales companies have.

Establish A Need

The first thing to ask is ‘will people be likely to buy my products/services over the telephone’. If this is the case, then the next thing is to look into telesales prices and finding the right telesales company.

Shop Around

There are hundreds of telesales companies around the UK, so it is worth looking at a few. They are all different , different sizes, different experience, different fees.

Get Quotes

Get different telesales companies to quote on a project. See how they all come in cost wise and see how they compare. Only select telesales agencies that have a track record of calling in your industry, and a level of success.

Arrange A Meeting

It is very wise to visit the telsales company, to ensure that they are what they claim to be. How do you know they are not a student working from home (just with a fancy website)?

Ask For A Trial

Most telesales companies will not offer trial periods or pilot schemes, however it is always worth asking. Times are hard, and most telesales companies want to win your business, so asking them to prove themselves is not unreasonable.

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