Telesales Approach Ideas

Consider Some Telesales Approach IdeasWhy Telesales Approaches Are Important

When going about telesales, the approach is very important, both to receptionists and to prospects. 

If the approach is fluffed up, rubbish or mundane, then the call can just as well be discounted as lost.  

The telesales approach needs to be done with confidence and knowledge.  

This article gives some helpful telesales approach ideas for your campaign.  

Like anything, telesales training is needed in order to be effective, not just stumbled into.

Telemarketing and telesales are different, one is for direct selling, the other is for lead generation.

The Direct Approach

Sometimes being open and honest is the best approach, honesty is the best policy etc. 

If you say to the secretary that your call is a sales call and you want to talk to Mr A. then they may laugh and put you through.  It can catch them off guard, as they are expecting an ‘under the radar’ approach.  

The main thing to remember with this approach is to be polite, professional and genuine.

The Question Approach

Sometimes going in with a question, can flip the secretary onto ‘helpful mode’ as they are there to do two things, to block calls from sales people and to help direct clients.  If you can get the secretary into a helpful mode, they may help you do your job.  

This is normally a very successful approach as it can get the secretary to help you reach who you want.  Maybe even give you additional information to make your call successful (if they mention the client is just back from holiday, you have got a great way to lead the call off).

The Cunning Approach

Some telesales companies will use cunning tactics in order to get through to their prospects.  This could include pretending they know the prospect, implying their call is expected or calling outside of hours. 

This is to avoid the gatekeeper thinking it is a cold call.

The job is to get through to their quarry and to sell.

Consider Tactics

When talking with prospects, it is wise to be mindful of how the converstaion is going. 

Each client is different with different backgrounds – so the kind of approach is needing to be different.  

Telesales approach ideas aim to make your campaign more focused and more effective.

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