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Christmas events take months of planning and can be a headache from start to finish.  

This is why talking to a professional corporate hospitality company about it can receive stress.

Christmas is the time of the year for giving, and what better way to give than to throw a great party for your staff. 

The staff are the lifeblood of your company and showing them that they are appreciated does build staff loyalty. 

Considering that most staff only stay with a company for an average of 2 years these days!

Compared to having 3 jobs during a lifetime back in 1960, throwing a great Christmas party will promote staff retention.

Most UK businesses are experiencing tough times as the UK economic forecast darkens.  As such many businesses do not want to invest as they once did. 

However there are lots of options available that companies can take hold of for great Christmas events.

  • Christmas Event Ideas

Different businesses have different options available due to budgets.  Some ideas on a Christmas event could be:

A Shared Christmas Party

Shared Christmas parties are becoming more and more popular for companies to join in on.  What is normally involved:

  • Cost per person ranges from around £20 – £40 (normally 10 – 250 emps)
  • Free welcome drinks
  • Christmas dinner
  • Disco
  • Themed parties or event parties available.

The idea of shared parties is to gather together different business groups to a central event (at set pre-organised locations) and celebrate as a team (or business) on a budget. 

Whether the company pays or the staff pay shared parties are a fantastic idea and as they are organised for a large number, can be fantastic value for money.

A Private Christmas Party

  • Themed party (around chocolate, a time period, a country, murder mystery or just Christmas)
  • Free welcome drinks
  • Christmas dinner
  • Disco
  • Event Management
  • Party bags

A private Christmas party can be organised around a theme (heroes and villains, 007 Bond theme, murder) or just based around the magic of Christmas.  

An events & hospitality agency will help to create a fantastic evening for companies for 80 – 2500 staff.  

Most corporate events companies will charge a bespoke fee to a client based on what the party is themed on, the number of staff to be catered for etc.

These are the two options available for Christmas events; unless you want to organise an event internally. 

There are lots of ideas available for Christmas events including:

  • Hiring a hotel conference room
  • Using your own business residence

The important thing to do is to either theme a party or to ensure a Christmas ‘feel’ to your office/conference room.  Christmas is a time of year that all people warm to.  

The lights, tinsel and Christmas tree help to make Christmas what it is.  A time for family and friends to come together and share in the joy.

It is always good to chat to different event management companies about Christmas events ideas.  

There are lots of things that can be done to make your Christmas part special.  The main thing is that you show your staff that you care and to thank them for their giving during the year.

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