How much does corporate hospitality cost?

How much does corporate hospitality cost?Corporate Hospitality Costs

Comparing corporate hospitality costs is essential, as to is finding the best agency for your event.  The costs of corporate hospitality will be entirely dependent on your marketing goals, and how much return on investment you can make from providing hospitality. The costs can be as little as the price-per-head of a meal at a restaurant, all the way through to the price of hiring a corporate box at a football stadium for a big match.  This could often be upwards of £1,000 per person.  For this reason, reflecting on corporate event ideas is wise.

The most important consideration to make is how you will make a return on the corporate hospitality.  Think of your target client’s value to your business, and link back the cost of investing in corporate hospitality to the potential reward of their new, or continued, business.  Also think about their likes and interests, and tailor your hospitality to optimise the chances of converting them into business for your company.

Events and conference organisation can be tricky, and a disaster if done wrong.

Corporate Hospitality For Staff

Maybe you are looking for an event for your staff?  This is a good idea, getting staff out of the office motivates them.  A happy workforce is a productive workforce.  Corporate hospitality costs for staff events will need to be lower, but will be subject to a few factors.

  • What type of event did you want to do?  Paint balling? Tank Driving?  A staff meal?
  • How many staff did you want involved?  The more staff, the higher the costs
  • Did you want extras?  Such as transportation, refreshments etc.
  • The events & hospitality agency you select.  All agencies have different fees.

Why should I compare quotes from corporate hospitality providers?

Once you’ve decided your budget for the event, you should get quotes from different corporate hospitality companies to choose the best deal. By comparing providers, who are competing against each other, you’ll receive the best price and service for your given budget – saving yourself time and money.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All agencies have different corporate hospitality costs, as they all set their own fee structure.  It is therefore wise to shop around and compare quotes.  We can help you find a good local event management company today.

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