Coronavirus Vs Holidays

How The Coronavirus Has Coronavirus Vs HolidaysImpacted The Holiday Industry

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has devastated the travel and holiday industry since March 2020.  Put very simply. the sector is in real problems.

As soon as restrictions are eased or relaxed completely, there is going to be a surge of bookings to anywhere in the world, causing another problem,

No End In Sight

The holiday industry is worth in the trillions globally, covering airlines, hotels, travel agents, sightseeing tours the list goes on.

As the coronavirus continues to evolve and mutate, new strains are appearing each week (South African variant, Indian variant, Kent variant, Nepal variant) each apparently worse than the last.

For this reason, foreign holidays seem to be a dream of simpler times.

ONS statistics show the devastation the virus has caused the sector, with no end in sight.

End Of The Road For High Street Travel Agents

Over the last few years, we have seen a decline in high street travel agents.  The days of going into a travel agent, discussing holiday packages has been swallowed by the internet and holiday websites like

The impact of coronavirus certainly will cause a further decline in the traditional travel agent re-shaping the sector as a whole.

Adapt And Survive

As we drift into the great British summer, holiday companies in the UK have adapted to the staycation.  This will do wonders for the British holiday sector, and for other countries globally.  However for foreign travel, the nightmare is not over.

Popular holiday companies like Centre Parks are in big demand, adapting to make the most of the surge in UK holiday goers.

Small fish and chip shops on the coast also see a huge rise in business.

Overseas Holidays In Danger For 2021

Whether it is a trip to Disneyland, or a holiday in Cyprus, foreign holidays this year seem highly unlikely as the virus continues to mutate.

Both large and small holiday companies are in danger.  In 2020 we saw Thomas Cook close in January, before the pandemic started.  Now in 2021, the remaining larger companies are in danger of going the same way.

Since the ban on non essential foreign travel in 2020, the future seems very uncertain.

Can Marketing Help

Marketing for holiday companies is a big part of survival in this hugely competitive industry, however marketing cannot do anything until foreign travel returns.

Even price comparison websites like have suffered, if no-one is able to go on holiday, there is no need to get quotes.

Government Furlough Scheme Was Essential

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic first started in March 2020, the government furlough scheme has safeguarded tens of thousands of jobs in the holiday sector.

However there are changes being made to the furlough scheme as the pandemic rolls on.  The future of taxpayer debt for the pandemic is going to take decades to pay off, possibly worse than the debts of historic world wars.

The Future Of Travel And Coronavirus

The reality is that we will have to live alongside coronavirus in the same way that we live alongside the flu.  

The future of travel and the coronavirus are uncertain, since social distancing on aeroplanes is difficult.  Air on planes is recycled, meaning that if one person on the plane is infected, all will become infected.

The future of holidays is uncertain, and for the millions of people around the world that rely on foreign visitors, adapting or changing sector is now wise.

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