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Marketing for holiday companies is essential in today’s world of online travel websites.  

The issue is finding the right marketing agency, as there are thousands in the UK.  

We do advise working with a local marketing agency that has experience of doing marketing for holiday companies.

Just fill in the form above to get free advice and quotes from marketing companies that have experience in the holiday industry.

Why Marketing Is Important

The reason that you need marketing, is because of the highly competitive nature of the holiday industry.  

If you are specialising in niche areas (such as adventure holidays, skiing trips, camping) or more packaged based ones, it is essential for you to use promotion in order to be found by your customers.

You are in a highly competitive industry, marketing for holiday companies is essential for you to stand out in the crowd.  

Leading holiday brands such as Tui, Thomas Cook and Virgin are well established due to their marketing.  But even leading brands need ongoing marketing support like ATOL.

How Much Would Marketing Cost?

Marketing costs for will vary depending on a few factors:

  • What kind of marketing is needed (see below)
  • How much marketing is needed (see below)
  • The cost of the agency used (no need to see below)

Marketing for holiday companies does not have to be expensive.  It can be very affordable, just care and caution is needed to prevent costs escalating.

Dynamic Websites

Website design for holiday companies is essential, these day’s people use the internet to search for offers. 

Every company needs a website, whether they are established, or a startup, people expect it.  Without a website, you will not function.  

Without a dynamic and appealing website, your visitor will click on the back button and go to your competitor.  We recommend using a web designer that has worked with other travel agents, or companies in the holiday sector.

Colourful Brochures

Brochure design for holiday companies is helpful, but not essential, as most people do use the internet to source deals.  Brochures are not as important now as they used to be. 

High street travel agents however do need colourful and descriptive brochures.  Brochures can also be used as part of a direct marketing campaign, which can be effective tools of marketing for holiday companies.


Advertising for holiday companies is very important, as it is about creating a buzz and industry reputation.  People are wary now as regards bogus companies, that will take your money and disappear. 

For this reason, advertising is needed in order to build credibility and develop the brand.


Branding for holiday companies is very important, as the brand is what gives  you the credibility that ensure customer loyalty.  People are careful of startup companies and are more likely to pay more to an established company rather than risk an unknown. 

Your brand is what sells in this industry, not price.  Branding plays a very important part of marketing for holiday companies, as people buy into brands.

SEO For Your Website

SEO for holiday companies is important, however as the industry is so highly competitive,

SEO will be difficult for new companies unless they are targeting a niche market sector (like adventure excursions in Japan).  Since so many people use the internet to buy their holidays, being found on search engines is essential.

PPC For Your Website

Pay per click marketing for holiday companies is perhaps one of the most powerful of all your tools, as 90%+ of people now use the internet to find a deal. 

Even if a startup is advertising, they can expect a lot of traffic, even without any other advertising around their brand.  Most holiday companies are never going to be found for their search terms, so PPC advertising is the next choice.

Public Relations

PR for holiday companies is very useful in helping to create a brand for your company, to get exposure in the travel media and ensure that holiday makers get to hear about you.  Low cost, PR can be very effective for both startups and established firms.  

Public relations is a very effective marketing tool to communicate your own bespoke marketing message.


Many holiday companies are doing pro-active telemarketing these days.  Certainly since the internet makes buying holidays so easy, having that resource to chase business has become more popular.  Telemarketing for holiday companies is a great way to keep in touch with potential holiday makers to ensure they go with you rather than someone else.

Choosing An Agency

When considering using a marketing agency, it is wise to select someone that actually has experience in this market; that has a track record in the sector and a record of success.  

If they have experience in doing marketing for holiday companies, they will be in the best place to help you.

Get A Few Quotes

We do encourage getting a few quotes and proposals in to compare, so you can get a feel for prices.  Price comparison websites are an important way to save money these days.  

Comparing quotes on marketing for holiday companies needs to be compared as all agencies have different marketing prices.

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