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Did You Need Support On Getting A Corporate ID In Place?What Is Corporate ID?

Corporate ID stands for ‘corporate identity’; this applies mainly to the look and the feel of your business.

 It is important (whatever your industry) to have a strong corporate identity.  For this, you need to talk to a branding agency.  

A branding agency will look at your industry, your competitors and create a corporate ID that is unique and powerful.

This would be more the visual side of the overall ‘brand’ as opposed to what the company stands for, it’s ethics, it’s beliefs etc.

This would generally cover the following:

  • A Company Logo : how impacting and striking the logo is.  What is stands for and how it relates it its market
  • A Company Moto : many companies have a strap line incorporated on the logo
  • The Corporate Colours : many businesses use a corporate colour to bond the company

These three elements make up a companies corporate ID and how other businesses will consider you. 

It can them be applied to any marketing material, the website, the corporate building etc.

How To Get Your Corporate ID

There are many graphic designers around the UK that offer Corporate identity services.  They will look at your business brand, its market, its customers and your competitors.  

This is to get a feel for how your industry works and relates; then put together different options. It does not need to be complex, looking at some of the top brands, very often simplicity is the route to success. 

This could be a logo of initials such as AA or on the company name such as Taylor Wimpy. 

Who Can Create Your Brand?

Part of the graphic design portfolio of services is to produce corporate identities.  Many existing businesses already have this in place and ask the graphic designer to produce a new identity.

Similar to how McDonald’s rebranded from the old clown, to the ‘i’m loving it’ brand.  Some new businesses may need a brand new corporate ID.

Branding companies should also be able to help.  Creating a lasting brand that can impact and engage your customers (list like McDonalds).

Like any price comparison website, we aim to help you find the best agency, for the lowest price.  Fill in the form to get branding prices to compare.

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