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Branding Agency PricesWhy Branding Agency Prices Vary

The UK has hundreds of branding companies, as such branding agency prices do vary from agency to agency.  

Since there are hundreds of creative design agencies around the UK to choose from, finding the right one for your business is a challenge.

This is where we can help.

We want to help you compare branding prices from local creative agencies that have experience of doing branding work in your industry sector.  This should result in a brand that sings the right song, that both fits in and stands out at the same time, a delicate balance.

Branding is more than you company logo, or your website, the colours of your logo or the music in your TV advert.

Things That Effect Branding Prices

There are a number of factors that will effect the price you will pay for a branding project:

  • Type Of Branding Project
  • The Size Of The Agency
  • The Services Needed
  • The Location Of The Agency
  • Risk Mitigation

All companies have different needs, the primary being the size of your company.  

A branding project for a new business that has 3 members of staff will cost less than it would for a FTSE 100 company.  But why?

Is there less work involved in using creative talent to think of the brand?

Branding agency prices do vary considerably as well, depending on a number of factors:

  • The scale of the project
  • The experience of the agency
  • The fees charged by the agency

All design agencies are different, each charging different branding fees based on their size, their experience, their overheads (staff numbers, building costs etc.) and their profit margins. 

All companies are privately owned businesses that have their own profit margins (to cover their owners houses, cars, holidays, schools fees for children etc.) which need to be considered when selecting an agency.

Choose Someone Local

Do a quick search on google and you will see that there are thousands of creative companies around.  By choosing someone local, it makes it easier to visit them.  

As all branding agency prices vary, a visit will give you assurances that you are investing wisely.  At the meeting you can check up on any claims they make on their website.  

Claims such as ‘we are a top London branding agency’ or ‘we are an award winning agency’.  Some may claim to be the UK’s Number 1 agency.  You can ask them how they justify this.

Branding companies in London will be cheaper than branding companies in Hull, mainly because of their running costs, staff costs and profit margins.

If you are based in London, comparing branding prices locally is wise, but bearing in mind that the agencies will be more expensive.  If you are based in Hull, working with a branding company in Hull is advised.

Choosing A Branding Agency

When looking into different branding agencies, it is wise to consider experience; as there are thousands of design agencies around, it only makes sense. 

It is wise to see what kind of brand strategy they have in mind for you.

If a creative agency knows your industry, they will be able to create a much more effective brand that will communicate your message clearly.

A meeting may well prove helpful.

Many branding companies make fantastic claims on their websites.  Each better than the next, award winning, the UK’s number 1 branding company and so on.  A meeting will help you decide if this is just marketing or if they are as good as they claim on their website.

Review websites are popular, but they are easily manipulated by friends and family posting reviews on websites like Trust Pilot or

It is always best to take website review (or reviews on their websites/case studies) with a pinch of salt.  Of course they are going to get reviews from happy clients; but what about the others.  Surely they have done branding for companies that resulted in an invoice and little more.

We feel that when comparing branding prices, chemistry does play a part.  How do you feel about the agency, have you met the team, do they seem genuine?

Compare Multiple Branding Quotes

We do suggest getting a few design proposals from different agencies to compare, this should give you different ideas to consider and different prices.

Branding prices vary from agency to agency.

Going with the top agency on Google is not wise, just because they are at the top of the search engine does not mean they are the ‘right’ branding company for your business.

We are an independent business that is here to help you do a creative marketing comparison, to help you find the best agency for your particular business.

We want to help you compare a few local branding prices, from local branding companies that know your industry sector.  Whether you are in farming, defence, healthcare or engineering, we can help you get quotes from branding companies that know your industry.

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