Does Advertising On Facebook Work

Does Advertising On Facebook Work?So Does Advertising On Facebook Work?

Does advertising on Facebook work for everyone?

Facebook is a new social media platform since 2004.  A new brand of website that was that was designed mainly for people to chat, flirt and share pictures.

However, Facebook advertising is very much what the platform is all about now, a platform for businesses to sell their products and services to people locally, nationally or globally.

Maybe Facebook is not the right social media platform for your business?

Does Advertising On Facebook Work For Everyone?

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to get a brand known, for a brand to make itself known and for overall brand awareness.

However, it can be expensive, bearing in mind it is quite difficult to target in many ways and anyone could click on an advert by accicent (and often do) costing you money.

Who Advertises On The Site Currently?

There is a long list of companies that use the Facebook advertising platform, ranging from the big brands (Coca Cola, Barclays, down to cat pampering companies or companies selling marble worktops.

The Problems

Unless users are 100% genuine and complete all the information in their profile (including music they like, places they have visited, schools they have attended etc.).

They need to try and fill in the gaps.

However this is one of the issues that cannot be policed.  There are millions of users that set up profiles for their pets, ghost profiles, duplicate profiles, celebrity profiles etc. Many with information either fraudulently filled in, partially filled in, or not filled in at all.

This means that adverts that are served are un-targeted.

The Benefits

If someone likes sports, and is interested in sports, this should come across in their ‘likes’ or the kind of information they have provided.

Businesses can aim their adverts to appear to these kind of clients, to clients in a certain area of the world (or region of a country) and the cost per click should be cheaper than Google.

Social Media Advertising Is Like Any Other Sort

Social media marketing is going to be hit and miss, like any online advertising.

There are going to be people that click on your adverts by accident.  There are going to be people clicking on them just to cost you money (maybe competitors) and there are going to be customers that genuinely will come, and then go.

But it can work, some companies have used it very successfully and are really pleased with it.

Does advertising on Facebook work?  Maybe it is worth a go?

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