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If you are interested in using social media to draw in new clients, we do advise you working with a marketing company that knows your industry.  

Social media is relatively new as marketing goes, and is now one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

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What Are The Main Social Media Platforms?

Since 2004, social media is the latest form of marketing to be added to the wide range of marketing services available to UK businesses.

The main platforms are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • X (Formally Twitter)
  • Snapchat
  • Wechat

New social media platforms are evolving as technology and trends move on in the digital world.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

This form of marketing is basically having a presence on various media platforms, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  

There are lots of platforms around the world, but these three are the largest and best known.  New ones are cropping up all the time.

Social media marketing involves companies (and individuals) using one or more social media platform to promote themselves or their business.

This could be doing daily ‘tweets’, uploading pictures of completed housing projects (if you are a building company), daily food reviews on Tik Tok or using more than one platform.

Social media marketing is free for anyone to do, or you can use the paid/sponsored option that each platform offers.

How To Market On Social Media

These various websites will set their ad rotations to ensure that your adverts appear on users screens if they have shown an interest in your market, products, services or needs.  

Part of the success is based on getting the advert right, and ensuring the advert is visible to the right people.

We advise always going down the free route, as free is best.  The only downside is that it does take time to do daily posts, daily videos, or daily pictures.  This is where a social media agency can help.

Dangers Of Marketing On Various Platforms

One of the main problems with social media marketing is the market.  

No-one using the websites is looking for you, they are there for other reasons.  On Facebook they are looking at friends pictures.  On X they are seeing what Donald Trump is tweeting about

Advertising on the main search engines (such as Google, Yahoo or any of the others) is good because you know most people are going to be looking for you.  

People on social media platforms are there to chat to friends, flirt, arrange a date with someone they fancy etc.  Choosing the right social media platform to market on is important as they are all different.

Your competition may well be doing research, so your click costs will also be used up by competitors etc.  This is called ‘Click Fraud’ and is a growing issue for any company advertising online.

Social Media Influencers

Since COVID, lots of people at home took to Tik Tok to relieve boredom.  Now we have a new career path that there will undoubtedly be a university course for, social media influencers.

These are normally generation Z that do food reviews, fashion, makeup tips, dancing, the list goes on.

Have you considered using a social media influencer for your business?

Many micro companies and global brands have used social media influencers to further their brands across Tik Tok.

Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Having a presence on any of the social media websites is good, if you are a brand like Coca-Cola, or Innocent Smoothies, as visibility is always good. But if you are looking for new customers, new orders, then it is the wrong type of marketing.

Social media marketing does work, it is a case of finding out what you want to get out of it.

When social media first started, the search engines paid no attention to it.  Now, social media plays a very big part of SEO and website rankings.  Since Googles algorithm is now smart phone based (over desktop), having a social ‘footprint’ is essential to your SEO plan.

Engaging with your audience is important across any social media platform.

Having a social media strategy is also important, rather than just going in blind.  However since social media is a very new form of marketing, event marketing companies are finding their feet with it.

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