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E-commerce Website DesignAre You Looking For An E-commerce Website?

E-commerce website design, we do advise you talking to a few difference web designers and getting some quotes.

You may not have heard of e-commerce website design, but it is likely that you have used one in the past.

The most famous e-commerce website is Amazon, an online store that started selling books and now sells everything from A to Z.

Your website design itself needs to stand out, as you have about 1 second before the customer clicks the ‘back’ button and goes somewhere else.

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E-commerce websites are very popular now mainly due to more and more companies moving their business on-line.

Globally over £150 billion is spent on-line; which has gone up from what it was 5 years ago; and in the next 5 years it will more than likely continue to go up.

Setting Up An E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website design is not difficult; however a few things need to be done before you can get going:

  • Website Creation

There are lots of creative agencies around the UK, however not all can produce good e-commerce websites.

Many designers only work with smaller websites (brochure style sites) and some can ‘knock up’ a basic e-commerce site.  However as it has been said, if you are going to do a job, do it right.  Sometimes it is worth investing in a good web agency in order to prevent problems later down the road

  • Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is supplied by a intermediary between you and your bank.  Companies such as Sage Pay, Paypoint, Paypal are all licensed to take secure on-line payments which are then sent to your bank 3 days – 7 days later.  Payment gateways will ‘sit’ on your payments to make interest on the money being in their accounts (the same way as banks delay payments).

  • Hosting

All use a hosting company that ‘holds’ their website.  The hosting needs to be set up with a company that can give you the flexibility of traffic to your website and allow the site to run smoothly whether it has 5 people using it or 50,000 people using it.

  • Web Development

Once the site is designed (see above) it will need to be developed.  As time ticks on, changes will need to be made, new pages added, updates to images etc. so finding the right company to do all of this is important.  A bit like buying a car, the first cost is the initial purchase, then there is the servicing and maintenance; web development is the servicing and maintenance bit.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is about getting your website up and recognised on the search engines.  In order to get visitors to your website (to buy things) you will need to get your website up and visible on the search engines.  This is another discipline completely and cannot be overlooked if you want your site to be successful.

How Much Do E-Commerce Websites Cost?

They can range in cost from around £5,000 upwards to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It is advised to pay a little more from a good website agency that has a proven track record in building these type of websites.

Sadly there are no guarantees with marketing.

There are a lot of web agency that can ‘knock up’ a website for you, but you do pay for what you get.

A cheaper website will show, both in the design of the site, but also in the way it works.  Website design prices do vary (considerably) so it is worth comparing website design agencies to get a feel for varying costs.

Visitors to your website need to have 3 things:

  • They have to be compelled to buy
  • Then need to have faith that their trust in your site is warranted
  • They need to have the experience to keep coming back and recommend you

Sometimes the design of a site can really let it down.  Sometimes errors popping up can turn a customer off.  Sometimes the load speed of a page may cause a customer to leave.

These are all traits of a cheaper website and can have a big impact on your website if it is not designed by a good designer.

Compare Quotes for E-Commerce Website Design

There are a lot of web designers in the UK that can produce great looking and great working e-commerce websites; you just need to compare a few suitable agencies to get the best one.

They should be considered with the following in mind:

  • Find a local expert
  • Find a web agency that has built e-commerce websites before
  • Find an agency that is local (so you can visit them)
  • Give a budget for your website and see if they can quote

If you can get quotes from 3-4 website design agencies that can tick the boxes above, then it is then a case of comparing these costs and picking the most suitable agency.

Remember, all agencies set their own fees, so website design prices will vary considerably for the same website.

By using the quote form opposite you can get a few different e-commerce website design agencies to put together some ideas and quotes for you to compare.

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