Golf Day Events

Considering Corporate Golf Day Events?

Golf day events are very popular with many businesses as they are a great way to socialise and do business at the same time.  If you are looking for a corporate golf day, why not get quotes from different corporate events companies?  Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local corporate events companies. Golf is still a widely popular game for corporate events and there are a number of corporate events companies around the UK that can organise a corporate golf day. The idea being that the corporate events company will manage and organise all aspects of the day for you (whether this be an amateur event or a professional tournament).

The Gentlemen’s Game

Corporate golf day events have been running for many decades now and it has long been said that real business has been done on the golf course. This is down to the fact that people can get outside of the office, get involved in doing a sport they really enjoy and compete with each other (whilst still able to socialise or chat about business matters). Additional benefits also include there being a meal and function after the golf event. A corporate golf organiser would plan for:
  • Location of the golf course (at events locations all around the UK)
  • Transport
  • Club Hire
  • Pre game drinks
  • Post game drinks
  • Meal
  • After dinner speaker
  • Band or DJ
  • Accommodation
Many golf courses also have the facility to learn trick shots or give golf pointers as additional extras if required. Many corporate golf companies can organise for trips to overseas golf courses (Spain for example or the USA) if you did not want to play in the UK.  A great course to visit would be Cypress Point, voted the best course in the world! Many businesses use golf day events to bring together key members of staff and cusomers (or potential customers) as a way of solidifying relationships and business accounts. You can even add a prize for a hole in one such as a free car or a cash prize (an unlikely event however it has happened). There are a wide number of corporate events companies that can arrange a corporate golf day events if you needed to compare ideas and quotes.

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