How much do telesales agencies cost

How much do telesales agencies cost?  That is a good question, the answer is there is no answer.  All telesales companies set their own rates.  Price comparison is necessary in order to compare quotes from local telesales companies that know your industry. Rather than going onto google to find out how much do telesales agencies cost, just fill in the form. The UK has many telesales agencies but not all of them will charge in the same way. The most common methods of charging are: Fixed day rate A fixed day rate means that telesales agencies will charge for each day where they have worked to help generate sales for your business. It’s a popular method of charging as it can help you to plan your budget with more flexibility however, rates do vary for each agency which is why it’s beneficial to compare quotes. Pay Per Month Some telesales agencies may charge a monthly fee for a set number of hours worked. The number of hours is agreed upon by you and the agency. Again, rates from telesales agencies that use this model do vary. Pay Per Hour Some telesales agencies may charge by the hour. This can be quite convenient for small businesses who struggle to afford daily or monthly rates. Pay Per Sale Not many telesales agencies use this method though numbers may be increasing. Pay per sale is when you pay your telesales agency for any leads or prospects they generate for you. However this does put pressure on the agency and may result in lower quality leads.

Can I hire a commission only telesales agency?

Paying a telesales agency only when they drive you results isn’t a model that exists as agencies need some regular income coming in to cover costs such as phone, staff and office charges. If you need to know more about commission only telesales agencies, fill in the form.

Compare Multiple Quotes To See How Much Do Telesales Agencies Cost

Telesales and cold calling need to be compared, as telesales prices do vary.  We do encourage businesses to shop around and compare quotes.  Get quotes from 5 telesales agencies that know your industry sector.

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