How Telemarketing Can Help In The Post Pandemic World

How Telemarketing Can Help In The Post Pandemic WorldThe World Is Changing

How telemarketing can help in the post pandemic world since COVID landed.

Is telemarketing necessary in the new world we now live in?

None of us in 2018 could have foreseen a Chinese virus bringing the world to it’s knees, however as the world adapts to the new normal, how do we re-activate our lead generation?

Some businesses were forced to close as a result of COVID-19 and the aftermath that followed with variations, some survived the pandemic and re-opened their doors.

For those that survived, the marketing was adapted.  People updated their websites advising they were ‘COVID safe’ in the way they worked.  Staff worked from home and hosted Zoom meetings with staff and customers.  Signage was bought/produced advising of way finding or the need to wear a face mask.

For many companies in the post pandemic world, marketing is forever changed as we adapt to the new normal of living with the virus.

Telemarketing Is Effective And Proven

So how can telemarketing help you in a post pandemic world?

Well, telemarketing is a very quick and effective form of marketing, that has a proven track record.

  • Targeting New Prospects.

Telemarketing is a very targeted form of marketing.  It is proactive, meaning you do not have to sit and wait for new business to come to you, you hunt it down and go digging.

If you are targeting a specific sector, or prospects in a specific job roll, telemarketing is the perfect form of marketing, as you can reach your audience.

Another benefit is being able to reach prospects early.  For example, if you contact a business and they say ‘I am not looking just at the moment, but will be in a few months’, you have future business in your sights.  You have reached a prospect early, meaning you have a better chance of winning them over your competition.

  • Keeping Your Pipeline Stocked Up

A key benefit of telemarketing is keeping your sales pipeline topped up.

Often businesses are subject to sales peaks and troughs.  By which is meant the they have periods of being busy, and periods of being quiet.  This could be seasonal, or could be because of things like the weather.

Keeping your sales pipeline topped up with new RFQ’s and RFI’s is important for 90% of companies.

  • Re-Awaking Dormant Prospects

For some companies, chasing up old enquiries is successful.  Every business will loose customers over the course of time, due to many reasons.  Customers that are ready now may change their mind and a ‘yes’ turns into a ‘no’, or a ‘not now’.

By using questioning skills, you can find out when a cold or warm prospect can turn into a hot one.

Telemarketing is a great way to keep in touch with warm or cold prospects, in the hope that circumstances have changed and that prospect is ready to become a customer.

Mistakes can be made however; here are the top ten telemarketing mistakes.

Telemarketing Can Be Instant

Telemarketing can indeed be instant, however more often it does take some time.

Lightning may strike, and a customer is picked up on the first day of calling, it does happen and is really just down to luck.

More often, it does take time, patience and tenacity.  We have put together some helpful telemarketing tips, that may help.

Telemarketing Can Be Affordable

Telemarketing is indeed a very effective form of marketing, but it is not cheap.  You would be looking at a couple of hundred pounds a day, but it can be affordable for any company.

Most businesses that use telemarketing will have an agency do one day a week calling for them.

Some it might be more, however as time goes on, the database of prospects should form giving you a pipeline of future prospects.

If you would like to know about how telemarketing can help your business in the post pandemic world, let us know and we can get you some quotes to compare.

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