Is Telemarketing Necessary

Is telemarketing necessary?  Like it or not, we now live in a world that is dominated by the internet.  However traditional marketing still plays a very active roll.  Prospects still need to be chased, leads still need to be generated.

An Internet World

10 Years ago, many companies considered the internet as ‘take it or leave it’; a kind of add on to the business and something that was a ‘new trend’.

Certainly for companies that were stuck in the ‘traditional’ marketing practices of advertising, media, telemarketing, networking etc.

So as far as lead generation goes, does telesales still matter in an internet world?

With so many companies now searching online for things, does cold calling companies really still have a place, or is it obsolete?  Is telemarketing necessary?

Well; the answer is actually yes and no.

The world is and has changed, the traditional forms of marketing are somewhat bowing down to the new age of the internet. Exhibition attendance has gone down (shown in so many events being closed), newspaper advertising (recruitment) has also gone down and e-mail has made a big impact on the mailing industry.

However, telemarketing is still a very strong marketing tool that when properly used cannot really be made redundant.

There are two forms of calling; inbound (call centers that handle incoming calls) and outbound (sales related to generate leads, appointments etc.).

With inbound call centers, we will always need a person on the phone to handle technical issues & help with billing issues (for mobile phone contracts, banking etc.).

With outbound telesales, we will always need a proactive route to generate new sales leads. The main reason is the fact that businesses can target prospects and quickly initiate a meeting/sales enquiry from them. Without this, businesses would just be sitting and waiting for business to trickle through their website and hoping that work comes their way.

So back to the original question: Does Lead Generation matter in the internet world. Is telemarketing necessary
Yes it does, it plays a vital role.

Consider the medical device industry. There are hundreds of companies supplying and competing. Clients do have a choice to make on who to use (and they have a wide variety). From the medical device companies perspective, they need to stand out in the crowd and increase their chances of being selected.

The answer is telemarketing – by contacting the client directly, arranging a meeting and building a relationship with the decision maker, the medical company should stand a very good chance of picking up the work (rather than hoping to be picked by the client from 100’s of other competitors).

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