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Mobile Friendly Website DesignHow To Dominate Local SEO

Many companies are looking at local SEO as opposed to national or international SEO.  Why?  The reason is that most companies are small (less than 100 employees) and are looking for local customers.  

Small companies that want to generate local customers are really wanting local business.  Consider companies such as gyms, florists, accountants, or hairdressers.  Website designers or small engineering companies.  They prefer their customers local rather than at the other end of the UK.

Global companies such as Nike or Coco Cola are not interested in targeting local business.  But small businesses like accountants certainly are.  Search engine optimisation for accountants is really effective for small accountants because they want local business.  What accountant wants customers 400 or 500 miles away, or what customer?

Search engines in 2020+ will pick up on where a user in the UK is based, and deliver local results.  For many companies this is essential and can be pretty simple to set up.

Local SEO For Networking

Do you know what is SEO and how it works?  Working alongside other local companies can be beneficial, not just online but in the real world to.  Consider if you are a restaurant and you have some flyers in all the local hair dressers, imagine the advertising you will get from that?

There are still online directories and listings that search engines trust, which are good to be featured in.

Much of marketing today is online, but it can be linked in with the real world.

Keywords Are Important For Local SEO

When search engines crawl through a websites, they look at what the website is all about.  What industry is it in?  Where in the UK is the company based?  Is it linked to social media websites like Instagram?  What products or services does it provide?  Having keywords prominent is an essential part of an SEO strategy.

Maps Are Essential For Local SEO

Depending on what your does, having a listing in Google Maps is a good move.  People know their local area so having a visual link on your website gives users a clear indication of where you are located.

How To Choose An SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO expert is difficult, as there are so many to choose from.  A good tactic would be to see how the optimisation agency is featured themselves.  A local SEO company that appears at the top of your results should know how to get you onto your customers page 1.

There are thousands of SEO companies to choose from, not counting the paid adverts that search engines deliver through sponsored links.  Finding someone local is always a good idea.

Visit The Agency

The internet is like space, a vast unknown, dark, cold and unexplored.  Having the assurance that you are working with someone trustworthy is important.  Why work with an SEO company in Aberdeen if you are in Brighton?

Ask Questions

Many SEO companies will not explain what it is that they are doing for you other than lnikbuilding.  Ask them questions such as:

  • Are you going to do on-site local SEO?
  • Are you going to do off-site SEO?
  • How is local SEO different to general optimisation?
  • Do you have a strategy for my company?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

SEO is very much a dark art, as search engines are continually changing their algorithm in how they read and rank websites (or SERPS).   It is always wise to ask questions about what the agency is doing to advance your local SEO.

Closing Thoughts

Not all search engine optimisation agencies are the same.  It is difficult to get more visitors to your website and some agencies are better than others.  Compare optimisation agencies, have they worked in your sector before?  How long have they been running?  What is their own optimisation like?

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